Sunday, January 25, 2009

WI: Your mom


Yesterday could not have been any better if you had deep fried it and sprinkled it with ecstasy. [...Joking. You don't need to worry about me, mom.]

You classmates know what I'm talking about: the original Star Wars trilogy, Vancity theatre, eh? Ehhhhhhh?!?! I don't get why more of you weren't there. (Dark Knight over the SW trilogy in a theatre? srsly I don't even know you) There was beer, for crying out loud, and A KICK-A** SOUND SYSTEM, STELLAR SEATS, AND A RAFFLE w/AWESOME PRIZES. Although I didn't win any of them. (Damn you Sugar Fries!) And there was the atmosphere. Vancity theatre is amazing. And I mean, it's frikkin STAR WARS.
It was a perfect night. I was grinning ear to ear for six consecutive hours -- maybe more if you count my grinning afterwards while asleep, which I'm pretty sure I did. Also, more movie theatres should serve beer.

* * *

Now, back on track. I apologise for using Newsarama's name in vain.

A Jeff Portnoy movie was the first idea that came to my mind and I was in a hurry. F*** you, you can't do what Jeff does. ;)
I know, I know, Tropic Thunder overdose. But hey, you can't choose what movies you fall in love with.
Crap 'bout not drawing something original, but it's only the second "WI", I promise I'll get better as they go on. And will start colouring them too. :P


BrittBoss said...

Damn! i forgot to post mine...

I love it!

kelipipo said...

Thanks dude!