Friday, March 6, 2009

That movie's bad :(

Before I start screaming, here is a freelance-job character design. (Um, yeah the coloring of the tail was something that the client dictated. Hey, whatever, as long as I got paid.)

You know how sometimes movies are so bad that it's FUN to watch them? That is what I was expecting Watchmen to be like. So turns out my expectations were too high.

Granted, I only read Watchmen this week, but I was too young to have read it when it was originally published anyway, so I would be a poseur whether I had read it ten years ago or YESTERDAY. The movie can be judged either in relation to the comic or completely on its own terms, and either way it is bad.

Also, I now hate TIME magazine. Novels and graphic novels [or, interchangeably, BOOKS AND COMIC BOOKS] don't belong on the same list together; hate you.

How many graphic novels have you Time people read anyway? 'Cause it seems you forgot about Will Eisner, Rick Veitch et al?! Hate you.

Garth Ennis' comics need to be on screen. (You're correct: this change of subject is nothing but an attempt to get you to read them.)
And when I say that, I obviously don't mean that Garth Ennis "writes comics with movies in mind". He is simply a writer whose artistry would translate much better into the movie world than Watchmen, especially Hitman (art by John McCrea) on the presence of its idiosyncratic, no-nonsense title character alone. If you haven't read Hitman (which is somewhere in my comics top 5, and which I think is better than Watchmen. Feel free to give me your opinion on why you think that's wrong -- I like comments), here is a page of what you're missing.

[A Preacher movie is being planned but I'll believe it's real when I see it in theatres.]

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