Thursday, November 15, 2007


Here are some things that are pretty easy to guess about me:
  • I Love reading.
  • I love dorky dancing.
  • I watch toooo much TV.
  • My hands start aching when I even think about writing down all of my favourites for the blogger profile.
  • I'm mostly nocturnal.
  • My charity of choice, as celebrities call them, would be something like Worldwide Literacy (is there a charity for worldwide literacy? There should be).
  • I've never been arrested or searched by cops.
Here are some things that you might not guess about me:
  • I'm not a religious person but I sometimes pray to St. Conan O'Brien.
  • My favourite word in the English language is "hilarious".
    I haven't decided on my favourite Finnish word yet. They're all awesome. Look at this: "mielenmaisema".
  • I talk dirty to you in my mind even though out loud I'm carrying on a regular conversation with you.
  • I've never had one single cavity in my teeth. I may be a little bit obsessive about dental hygiene.
  • I wrote both of these lists drunk. I'm a surprisingly good drunk typer.
  • In fact, I'd probably go as far as saying, the thing I'm best at: typng.
  • If I could be any living person for a day, I think I'd like to be Jasper Fforde.
    YOU LISTEN TO ME! The man's an alien overlord! I wanna feel what it feels like when he thinks.
* * *

OK, I should get to the point already, so here's a few illustrations I did for a sort of "Modern Knight's Guide To Life" -booklet thingy back in... heh, March. *sigh* Yeah. Slow. Too lazy to color them, too. I'll scan fresh stuff soon, honest.