Sunday, October 23, 2011

People don't come to me for my pinup ladies. And I'm not saying I want them to. I'm just saying I do have a couple more tricks up my sleeve than you think.

Last of my digi-illustrations this week. Most of them stirred up some useful ideas. I will definitely paint the turtle picture in earnest, in good time :D

Thursday, October 20, 2011


Ha! Two in a day --although I spent only minutes on this...

Inspired by the "tree birds" in Marjatta Kurenniemi's kids' books.


He's afraid of spiders too.

Monday, October 17, 2011


My current portfolio leans heavily towards traditional art. This week (gotta give myself a deadline) I want to digitally refine and colour at least five of my quick ideas from my sketchbook of the last month or so.

She's a little bananas!

Kinda lost my idea of what I was doing with this one in the middle of colouring. I will need to get a colourbase down faster next time. Definitely time to move on...

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Underwear ad

I was recently commissioned to *draw* the press release for a spunky (ahem) local enterprise called! This was fun, not to mention educational.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

"21 Journeys" launch party Sept. 10th

Join Cloudscape in launching the wanderlust-cious comics anthology 21 Journeys (I'm in it ...Oh I already told you that? Ok.)
at Ayden Gallery (International Village mall), Vancouver, on Saturday September 10th 7PM--10PM.

Party foods, comics, cool attractive people. We supply the former, you the latter.

Friday, August 26, 2011

More comicking

Page 1/4 of my spooky&kooky comic "Revenge of the Ghost Spider" which will appear in Gurukitty Studios' upcoming comics anthology Ghost Tales.
Preorder the anthology here at IndieGogo -- receive adorable perks for your donation and help Gurukitty take their comic-creating sister act to CALGARY EXPO!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011


These characters were originated by Bevan Thomas as start-from-scratch "reinventions" of established names from superhero comics (Nox The Dweller in Darkness and Immortal Man, respectively) -- it's part of this character origin&design challenge/excercise/thingamajig called Name Game at Cloudscape.

And "21 Journeys" is out. Order print version here (or get it from me), or buy e-book here.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

The "21 Journeys" anthology is here!

I'm one of the contributors to the fifth and freshest Cloudscape Comics anthology, 21 Journeys, which is finally available to order right here!
Accepting only PayPal, sorry. But if you're in my vicinity, buy it with cash and save on shipping costs.

* * *

...Although with my eCrater shop you're already saving a bit, due to my not bothering to make the accurate rounding up to USD from CAD, and my laziness in calculating weight-based shipping.

The anthology will also soon be available at the Cloudscape site, but that money goes to Cloudscape as a society, whereas the money from my personal shop goes to me. I assure you my shop's not only legal but fair, since it allows me to finally observe rent-paying rewards for this thing I worked on for long nights.

However, obviously "THIS THING" gave me much more than it took from me. I think I'd be happy that you want to read it, wherever you ordered it from.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Buncha knights

Frog Knight.

I decided to take part in the current 30 Days Project with the peer support of Cloudscape. On a whim I set "Knights" as my theme. (30 Days of Knights, geddit HAAHAA?!!)
I have been (and will be) drawing a knight, or a knight-related illustration, every day this June! These are some of my favourites so far -- if you want to see my every single knight check out my dA & Tumblr.

^Coal Knight -- I think I read about this guy in a creepy kids' book once... I think.

^Um... Jedi Knight

^Marionette Knight with neon accessories

Guess I should have chosen horses as my theme instead of knights. Well, more ideas for next time!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Fired up!

My scanner was too tiny for these and I had to photograph them: I am HORRIBLE at it. But I'm real happy with the lighting on her form!
(Pastel and conté.)

These characters were originated by Cloudscape member Bevan Thomas as start-from-scratch "reinventions" of established superhero names (The Human Torch and The Sun Emperor, respectively) -- it's the first part of this character origin&design challenge/excercise/thingamajig called Name Game at Cloudscape.

Monday, May 2, 2011

"Creamers" at IndieGoGo

Donate at IndieGoGo (you will receive goodies for different donation amounts) for a classically animated short film by a wonderful artist, Hilary Moses!

Here's the blog about the development of Creamers.

* * *

Boo, I haven't drawn anything good enough to post. Well, here's a watercolour doodle instead. (Thanks again, VIDF)

Thursday, April 14, 2011

I WILL spam you now

- I'm going to Stumptown this weekend! I'm not selling stuff (but I can draw sketch commissions), just chillin as part of the Cloudscape contingent, table A-24.
- Thank you to everyone who preordered "21 Journeys", donated or sent positive vibes or whatever. The anthology goes to print soon.

Watercolour paper experiments. Traditional funtimes!
I bet you're thinking I traced pictures 3 & 4, but no: I did use my VIDF lifedrws. as references and I have a feeling everyone can tell I was looking at a drawing instead of a live human. But they have a nice screenprint-looking effect.

Monday, March 28, 2011

"Suspicious" + calendar comics

This is an acrylic painting on a cradled wood panel (8x8 inches) that I did for the "21 Journeys" fundraiser. I was going to write that you can buy this at the Cloudscape Etsy store, but to my colossal surprise, someone has already bought it. Thank you to whoever you are! You have just greatly helped our publishing effort, and I guarantee you will find this painting even cuter in your hands than on your screen.
And thanks to Jayleen (Guru) for getting the word out on Twitter. :D

Check out our Etsy page to see other 8x8 panel paintings by Cloudscape members. Proceeds go towards printing 21 Journeys. (I'm sorry, Japan.) I'm working on another one as well. And again, if paintings don't interest you but you'd like to pre-order the book or donate, you can do that at IndieGoGo.
We also have this 24-hour webcam jam coming up on April 1st that I'm going to take part in. As soon as I find out what the hell that means, I'll let you know.

* * *
Now, here's some more Calendar Comics... This is fun.

Yet another totally favourite self-portrait:

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

VIDF lifedrw. and mini me

Hello! If, like mine, your weekend is situated in the middle of the week (or if you're lucky enough to work in Yaletown and willing to sacrifice your lunchbreak), get your butt to the FREE weekday noon lifedrawing hour at The Roundhouse, through to March 18th, courtesy of Vancouver International Dance Festival. Dancer models -- it's pretty interesting. They have outlandishly toned bodies but also character. The floppy t-shirt's not my favourite clothing choice though but it's okay.

Q: How is it "free" after the transit fare from North Van?
A: That is a legitimate question, but I usually roam the Seawall on my "weekends" anyway, so it fits right into my routine.

I'll be returning to Cap lifedrawing too, at some point. It's too bad -- lifedrawing always makes me forget my troubles, but before I can make my way there I have all this emo ridiculousness to overcome.
Can't stay away from the burlesque session though!

* * *

Here's something else I've been enjoying lately. Trying to do a minidoodle about each day of my riveting life into my 4x2.5" minicalendar. Sort of like super condensed journal comicking. Fast and fun, I recommend it.

(This has to be my best self-portrait ever.)

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Want to preorder 21 Journeys?

(Sorry to repeat myself, but since selling time is now upon us...)
I collaborated on a comic for Cloudscape's fifth anthology 21 Journeys. To give you a taste, here is a page (though not the beginning) of said story:

At the 21 Journeys IndieGoGo page, you can preorder the book itself for $25 (CAD) -- and if you're feeling generous, for more sizable donations you get more and more goodies with your order. For example, a $100 gets you the entire Cloudscape "library" of all the previous anthologies and a few of the members' publications on top of that (including Xeric grant winners "Lotus Root Children" and "Lords of Death and Life"). So if you're interested, check out what all you can get for a donation that suits you.

* * *

Today I venture to work for the first time after being bedridden for an entire week. This is the longest I've been sick since I was two years old. I feel awful for the wasted time but if I could get through this, I guess nothing's really gonna shake me after. Now I'm on a medication for people with ulcers, which is actually kind of -- kiiiiiind of -- hilarious.

Friday, January 14, 2011

"Because you're the only one who could change my mind!"

I tried to document my trip with sketches (as well as photos -- see previous post) but it kinda fell through...

^ And we're back to talking about TV!!! Loooove TV love it! So yeah, "White Collar" is one of my new favourite shows. (Yeah I only caught on to it over the holidays.)

Now this may seem farfetched, but I feel like I am watching a crime-tastic reincarnation of "Two Guys and a Girl", only without the girl (unfortunately Elizabeth is too nice to be The Girl).
Very similar personalities, and, Peter's name, anyone? Peter Burke, PETE N' BERG, huh? HUH? Caffrey (or Berg) the flake takes the crazy risks and yet it's always the straight guy Pete who gets the shit.

Both shows -- very funny, both sets of costars -- considerable chemistry, and both shows are insanely fun to watch with these certain kind of goggles on if you know what I mean. In case you don't, I mean CAFFREY, HOW GAY EXACTLY ARE YOU FOR THAT FED?! Never mind, you poor lump, you don't have to answer, I'll just go watch the first season finale again. I loved Pete and his Berg and I love Neal and his Pete. This is an awesome show with a lot of very tight pants *| and hilarious dialogue!

[*| Tight pants being actually the one thing sorely lacking from 2GAAG.]

Crazy tangents!

Due to popular demand (okay, due to like two demands) I'm posting some photos from my most recent trip to snow-laden Finland. I know most of you didn't exactly sign up for trigger-happy snow photos but don't worry, there'll be some sketches in the next post!

Last year all the snow photos were from Jyväskylä -- luckily we visited Ruka ("almost" Lapland) on this trip so I don't think these will be too repetitive. Only that very first photo ^up there^ was from Jyväskylä.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


You might like to see these.

"Horribly Adorable", a kids' book concept by Dave G. Derrick I WOULD BUY THIS!

Nathan Fowkes strikes again -- every day.

* * *

Sorry for not posting what I've been drawing. I am scannerless in Finland! But you will get a batch of amateur photos of snow soon, consider yourselves warned.