Thursday, July 21, 2011

The "21 Journeys" anthology is here!

I'm one of the contributors to the fifth and freshest Cloudscape Comics anthology, 21 Journeys, which is finally available to order right here!
Accepting only PayPal, sorry. But if you're in my vicinity, buy it with cash and save on shipping costs.

* * *

...Although with my eCrater shop you're already saving a bit, due to my not bothering to make the accurate rounding up to USD from CAD, and my laziness in calculating weight-based shipping.

The anthology will also soon be available at the Cloudscape site, but that money goes to Cloudscape as a society, whereas the money from my personal shop goes to me. I assure you my shop's not only legal but fair, since it allows me to finally observe rent-paying rewards for this thing I worked on for long nights.

However, obviously "THIS THING" gave me much more than it took from me. I think I'd be happy that you want to read it, wherever you ordered it from.