Saturday, April 18, 2009

Character design package

This is our scale! Tremble before our lineup!

I'll keep trying to improve them. I know I did a loose job on these. But sometimes when you're about to fail at certain other things -- you must prioritise those certain other things.

Lead character:

Secondary (comic) character:

Not that it's in any way visible, but that secondary character was so inspired by Christopher Guest.

Love interest:

[PEOPLE CAN SKIP THIS] Hoity-toity Commentary:
The suggestion was that these characters would relate to the pan layout that we did earlier. The idea I had for now was of a socially awkward writer or a scientist, moving from a sheltered society to this somewhat seedy port town (no idea why yet...)
His possible love interest is a confident, capable lady who tends the tavern (===WITH THE RED ROOF AND THE CARTWHEELS! :D ); the secondary character is a regular of the tavern, a hot-headed sailor and some kind of con artist. Could be that the two of them set out to con the "city-boy".
Heck, it's not pitch party material but some back story is essential for my own motivation.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

"All right. The boss is finally having phones installed."

Here's my short film from directing class. I just added the end credits that I was set on but didn't have the time to add for class today :]
It's theoretically a spoof on Big Trouble in Little China, but actually more like an excuse for me and my hard-working classmate draftees to have fun and go crazy. I really appreciate you guys being so generous with your free time and acting in this.

Ok, not the greatest video quality but whatever...
If you're wondering what music I used (because I used too much to bother writing it all in the end credits):

The "Oriental theme" in the beginning is from a royalty free wav site,

The "gang fight" song is Mutherfuker by Beck

The "fight with Lo Pan" song is Hocus Pocus by Focus (hee!)

ALL other music is nabbed from the soundtrack of an awesome Britcom called Green Wing.

[EDIT: I got bored of all my technical difficulties trying to get the bloopers presentable, and I don't wanna trek to school again to use editing programs. Sorry, you'll just have to live with the immense disappointment....]

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Completed pan layout assignment

(STUPID Blogger keeps resizing my pictures down. It won't let me post a wider than 1600 px pic ARRGH)
Okay, I LOVED working on this. I feel weird after having finished this at last. As shoddy as it may look to an experienced colourist, I didn't think it was possible, and now my convictions of what's possible are in turmoil. (Being dramatic is fun!)

Black&white without overlay (repost):

Coloured (repost):

With overlay:

With overlay and "character poses."

^Actually, I didn't have a character for this layout yet, so I just drew some random male person for perspective reference. And they're really small because unfortunately I wasn't really thinking about characters when I sketched the layout. So I think this would be perfect for a harbour scene-setting, hustly-bustly, seen-from-afar crowd scene! Graah, have fun animating THAT!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Quadruped action: Jolly Jumper!

My family and other friends of the Lucky Luke comics will understand my mirth at getting to cast the coolest horse in the West, Jolly Jumper, as my character for our quadruped walk/jump assignment.
I really appreciate the way the original Lucky Luke artist "Morris" drew horses (among everything else, obv). Not only was it inspiring to work on the personable Jolly, but Morris' rounded caricaturish style fit this assignment perfectly, because it helped me so much in maintaining the character's structure. And yet it was rooted enough in anatomy to teach me a lot, give me reason to research. All in all I enjoyed this exercise like crazy.

This assignment was a while ago but I didn't have it in a condition to post it online until earlier this week. I might actually try to clean this one up. I mean, Jolly's not Jolly until he has at least his mane and tail, if not his face.