Monday, March 28, 2011

"Suspicious" + calendar comics

This is an acrylic painting on a cradled wood panel (8x8 inches) that I did for the "21 Journeys" fundraiser. I was going to write that you can buy this at the Cloudscape Etsy store, but to my colossal surprise, someone has already bought it. Thank you to whoever you are! You have just greatly helped our publishing effort, and I guarantee you will find this painting even cuter in your hands than on your screen.
And thanks to Jayleen (Guru) for getting the word out on Twitter. :D

Check out our Etsy page to see other 8x8 panel paintings by Cloudscape members. Proceeds go towards printing 21 Journeys. (I'm sorry, Japan.) I'm working on another one as well. And again, if paintings don't interest you but you'd like to pre-order the book or donate, you can do that at IndieGoGo.
We also have this 24-hour webcam jam coming up on April 1st that I'm going to take part in. As soon as I find out what the hell that means, I'll let you know.

* * *
Now, here's some more Calendar Comics... This is fun.

Yet another totally favourite self-portrait:

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

VIDF lifedrw. and mini me

Hello! If, like mine, your weekend is situated in the middle of the week (or if you're lucky enough to work in Yaletown and willing to sacrifice your lunchbreak), get your butt to the FREE weekday noon lifedrawing hour at The Roundhouse, through to March 18th, courtesy of Vancouver International Dance Festival. Dancer models -- it's pretty interesting. They have outlandishly toned bodies but also character. The floppy t-shirt's not my favourite clothing choice though but it's okay.

Q: How is it "free" after the transit fare from North Van?
A: That is a legitimate question, but I usually roam the Seawall on my "weekends" anyway, so it fits right into my routine.

I'll be returning to Cap lifedrawing too, at some point. It's too bad -- lifedrawing always makes me forget my troubles, but before I can make my way there I have all this emo ridiculousness to overcome.
Can't stay away from the burlesque session though!

* * *

Here's something else I've been enjoying lately. Trying to do a minidoodle about each day of my riveting life into my 4x2.5" minicalendar. Sort of like super condensed journal comicking. Fast and fun, I recommend it.

(This has to be my best self-portrait ever.)