Saturday, January 26, 2008


More on Reepicheep: he will be voiced by Eddie Izzard. Adoration :D

I promised I wouldn't start down this spiralling Viral Path, but this video is the most adoration I have experienced in weeks, so I have to spread it for the benefit of Star Wars fans everywhere. (You've seen it before? Well watch it again.)
Eddie Izzard's stand-up skit "Death Star canteen" as an ingenious Lego animation.

"Death by tray it shall be!"

Friday, January 25, 2008

Friday = more life drawing & I smell biro

A quickie.

Friday is the other life drawing course. I won't pick favourites but- FINE, I pick favourites, Friday's course is heaps better.
The teacher's a slavedriver, and I mean that in the best possible way. "This class and next class we focus on the back."
One hour of studying upper back anatomy later, on to drawing from the model:
Teacher: "There is no definition in your upper back."
Me: "I - I really can't see the definition."
Teacher: "Right now it's no use to draw what you see! All you see is skin! Go under the skin, and highlight wherever there's a swell of a muscle or bone. We're trying to get at the anatomy here. You can not leave it a flat colour like that."
So I tried not to.

Again, a large drawing. I ran a little out of time.
She's supposed to be leaning on a chair, but hey, who's interested in the anatomy of a chair?

A scribble on the corner. That's honestly the only distraction I had time for!

Mice are on my mind... because Prince Caspian (a movie that I'm way too excited about to pass for an adult) is shimmying closer every day.
Prince Caspian marks the first appearance of possibly my favourite character in the Narnia series, Reepicheep the mouse. I really should get drawing my own version of Reepicheep. In the meantime, a hastily doodled Edmund on a notepad.

And a random biro man face.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Tuesday = life drawing

Here's something from Tuesday's life drawing class. Next time I'll take my actual camera instead of using the phone camera (which is crap).

I don't have a scanner now anyway, so I have to photograph the smaller sketches as well:

One of my hardest flaws to shake is that I tend to ignore available space and my figures often get cut off at the ankles (which is NÖÖB):

^I admit, I instinctively but inaccurately made our model seem more muscular while drawing that one. This looks more like her in every respect than the previous picture:

Those last two pieces are over A1-sized, more than half my height.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Lazy cat

Aaaand cat doodles part two. Yes, I am one of those annoying cat people who cannot shut up about how adorable little Toadbreath is, but I'm trying to go easy on everybody and do my gushing through sketching.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

"To the snowmobile!"

For everyone who's missing snow -- like me. We're in eFFing Finland, WHAT GIVES?
-No models.

Some, I dunno, wintery Krissmass elves or something. ...Oh, there are no drugs in that little bag.
-No models.

Students handing out newspapers. One of them was as pretty as Max Fischer, one of them was as pretty as Veronica Mars. (Crazy crossover ideas brewing now, believe me!)
-YES models.