Friday, January 25, 2008

Friday = more life drawing & I smell biro

A quickie.

Friday is the other life drawing course. I won't pick favourites but- FINE, I pick favourites, Friday's course is heaps better.
The teacher's strict, in the best way. "This class and next class we focus on the back."
One hour of studying upper back anatomy later, on to drawing from the model:
Teacher: "There is no definition in your upper back."
Me: "I - I really can't see the definition."
Teacher: "Right now it's no use to draw what you see! All you see is skin! Go under the skin, and highlight wherever there's a swell of a muscle or bone. We're trying to get at the anatomy here. You can not leave it a flat colour like that."
So I tried not to.

Again, a large drawing. I ran a little out of time.
She's supposed to be leaning on a chair, but hey, who's interested in the anatomy of a chair?

A scribble on the corner. That's honestly the only distraction I had time for!

Mice are on my mind... because Prince Caspian (a movie that I'm way too excited about to pass for an adult) is shimmying closer every day.
Prince Caspian marks the first appearance of possibly my favourite character in the Narnia series, Reepicheep the mouse. I really should get drawing my own version of Reepicheep. In the meantime, a hastily doodled Edmund on a notepad.

And a random biro man face.

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