Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I dropped my crab puff in the hot tub

I did this as a pageview gift ("kiriban") for someone on deviantArt. It's Drake, Josh and Helen from Drake and Josh -- the Nickelodeon program to come out of Dan Schneider's warped and dirty mind before his iCarly. Needless to say I love the show.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Doodle dump

I have gotten into the habit of attending Cloudscape Comics' weekly meet. I find I don't have a terrib' much to say, but I listen to the others and doodle at the same time. Surprisingly, drawing in a group while following other people's conversation can be pretty inspiring. Here's a couple of my Wednesday scribbles.

^Some sort of teenage superhero type

^The amazing Brian and Steve from the obviously amazing The Sarah Silverman Program

^A Slings & Arrows doodle! Poor Geoffrey :]

...I draw quite a bit about TV.

Whoops almost forgot this preliminary marker sketch for a "7 Soldiers of Victory" fanart idea. When will I actually bring it to completion... is another matter entirely. v

Lifedrawing dump

OK, these next ones are older but whatever.

Friday, August 13, 2010

AE ahoy

Let's face it, if you set out to find even one similarity between Master and Commander and iCarly, you're completely dished.

In fact the only thing they DO have in common is that neither has any business at an anime-focused convention.
But hey! Neither do I, so it's all good! Anime Evolution in Vancouver is this CONVERGENCE OF THE INEXPLICABLE. M&C and iCarly are both present in the form of my fannish BUTTONS (and some original) that you will be able to buy from the Cloudscape Comics table this weekend!

I mostly just did these because I love making buttons. I mean, I have zero audience or recognisability there but I did want to see if I could make a coupla bucks with something I enjoy. These probably won't sell hugely so even if you want to buy buttons from me after the con, you're in luck ;)

Now take a look at the little cuties, 1.25" diameter, only a dollar each and all illustrated by me.
Button bleed has been taken into consideration in the picture, so this is what's showing on the face of the buttons.

A Curious Bizzle ~ Which they say Doctor Maturin is a total beetlemaniac. Maybe if you present him with this Curious Button that you found on deck, he won't lop off your remaining arm.
iSam (turq. or pink) ~ Out of all the characters enduring the perverted, twisted, unholy and awesome adventures of a so-called kids' show, Sam seems to enjoy them the most. GO SAM.
(I've already explained my fascination with iCarly, but in case you needed another incentive -- Jane Lynch is set to appear as Sam's mom in an upcoming episode.)
Pinstripe Umbrella ~ An oldie-but-goodie original illustration.
Travel Iron ~ "I'm like a rolling stone -- that's why I have a travel iron" (An original.)
Cartoony Me ~ Well, none of my other buttons had either me or my website address on them!! Duhhh.