Saturday, December 4, 2010


This post has a couple of things...

I have neglected everything lately BECAUSE for the last few weeks I've been slaving over a contribution to Cloudscape's anthology 22 Journeys [Edit:] 21 Journeys. The comic's finally done! (Although I'm still working on the speech bubbles, digitally...) Here's a little sneak peek.

I'm not sure what the collective policy is about artists giving sneak peeks about comics that are going to be published and hopefully bought, so for now, I just thought I'd put up this collage of how the art came out. It's like a WIP from pencils to inks to colours. (Omitting a huge amount of thumbnails, sorry... Those were the crucial step.) Although the colours still need some tweaking of curves and levels and whatnot before printing. Anyway, bear with me.

I find inking just nerve-wracking. What is wrong with me that my hands start to sweat incessantly as soon as I've inked a couple of lines?! I never have that problem with animating and definitely not with life drawing. The colouring was a blast, though, and I'll elaborate on that later. There was a theme with the contributions that they had to look like they were done with natural media AND a limited colour palette -- I coloured it with watersoluble markers.

The story was written by another Cloudscape member, Bevan. I felt incredibly lucky that during my very first Cloudscape meeting (wow, it's already been like a year) I ran into a writer looking for an artist. I have such a hard time coming up with stories, that it was staggering to have him hammer out countless scripts and stories in such a short time. Without a writer I simply wouldn't have a story in this anthology, plus he gave me free reign in the visual storytelling side of things --for better or for worse ;)
Still, I have to say I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. And with everything I've taken note of, the next one's going to be ten times better!

I had The Rutles 2: Can't Buy Me Lunch just on a loop for pretty much the whole time I was working on the comic... Go ****ing figure.

I really love it though (everything except Robin Williams). Jimmy Fallon is actually hilarious there, delivers probably my favourite line reading in the whole thing. Neil Innes is awesomeawesomeawesome. It's less of a sequel than a very eclectic bunch of 00's celebrity interviews, and deleted scenes from the first movie, and Force knows why they were deleted in the first place, because they're equally funny. You can't watch just one Rutle movie, they're a package deal.

* * *

CONAN, Thank you for the jeggins

Kind of a funny coincidence considering Conan's "testimonial" in The Rutles 2, about how he buttered his legs to be able to wear women's extra small trousers.
And, I loved the band's expressions. Between this and Broadway-Spidey spraying Green Goblin's crotch, this may be my favourite episode so far ...Who'da thunk it about an episode with the Kardashians as first guests?! :l

* * *

By the way, thanks to all three who voted in the poll :P The public has spoken! The old crap is staying!

Friday, November 12, 2010

A case of the movies

I can't whine unless I post drawings -- hence, three pre-whine comic strips that I haven't posted before.

(^ Is Stephen peeing or is he not? You decide)

Sooo, I almost want to take back my recommendation of Nowhere Boy. It is a marvellous movie, but it directly started this weeks-long chain of thoughts that left me uncharacteristically depressed. I know, I'm lightyears away from actual clinical depression (I have to make that distinction since I have friends and loved ones who have suffered from it, and, these guys -- talk about not being able to take a joke *|), but the fact remains that for a week now I have not left home for anything other than my part-time job, and to me that's a first. I couldn't even get myself up for life drawing.
In other words, do go see Nowhere Boy, just maybe not if you're at a stage in your life where you have way too much time to think about s**t. I hope it's over now, though. I hope my brain flushes again.

*| :P ♥

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Conan, POLL, and Muddy Colors

Like the title says, three things are on my mind.


  2. I have been thinking about throwing some of my more embarrassing old drawings out of this blog. Should they stay or should they go? If you have an opinion please vote in the poll in the sidebar (below my profile).
    I wouldn't be asking if I knew which I wanted, so you truly have a chance to make a difference *srsbsness*

  3. Oh... my god. Look at what these people can do. *speechless*

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Surprise, nudes

Surprise surprise surprise.

I can't make comics club meeting today -- AGAIN :/ and that's sad, but I'm kind of in the middle of something. I'm trying to paint with watercolours and too wrapped up in that to leave the house.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Real Unreal

"Right -- everyone stop f**king crying, this is supposed to be a rock'n'roll band for chrissakes."

The short post:
I saw Nowhere Boy and then absolutely had to try to draw some early Lennon-McCartney. The suits are not stage garb but funeral garb. Enough spoilers (LOL SPOILERS FOR LENNON'S LIFE), The End.

THE LONG POST (skippable:)
Yay, I finally got to see Nowhere Boy *yeee!* I was eager for this movie because a] like approximately 3/4 of Earthlings I am a Beatles fan, and b] I especially love early Beatles history. Somehow it just can't seem to get old no matter how many times I read about it :) (...Which is a good thing for this movie considering that nothing about it can really surprise the viewer.) They are a unique, myth. A world unto themselves.

Nowhere Boy is more about Lennon's relationship with his mother Julia and his aunt Mimi than forming the band, but that stuff is equally fascinating, and a perfect vehicle for the type of life-affirming drama that the Brits whip up in their sleep. Nowhere Boy didn't disappoint.

Very few movies other than the "actual Beatles-movies" have been made about the band, but the one Nowhere Boy can be compared to -- favourably, I'm glad to say! -- is Backbeat.
What Backbeat has going for it, is that it focuses on Stuart Sutcliffe, whose mannerisms and appearance have not become part of the public consciousness like The Beatles themselves have, so the viewer can enjoy Stephen Dorff's very capable performance without being distracted by an inner voice nagging "this is so far from the real thing."
Since the same is true of Mimi and Julia, who are the two most important characters of Nowhere Boy next to Lennon, and since the script's dramatizations of oft-documented events from Lennon's boyhood are very confident and unflourished, there's hardly anything to make you doubt it could all have happened exactly in the manner that the film portrays.

Inevitably, the kids portraying the young Beatles don't look or sound like the originals, but they are excellent actors -- and if the movie is more about finding your mom than finding your future rock icon buddies, what matters is whether you have the emotional acting chops. In that respect the whole cast delivers. Some reviews had claimed that the other cast members can't keep up with Kristin Scott Thomas, but I thought the performances were amazing throughout. I confess that when I first heard about the film I was confused about why they had cast Aaron Johnson as Lennon, because -- shame on me! -- I mistook him for an American since he'd been chosen for Kick-Ass!
Johnson was actually the film's surprise, because even though it's a little hard to imagine him as Lennon, the compact, charming script combined with his moving performance makes you buy him as simply an (for all intents and purposes) orphaned, insecure kid.

Of course knowing about the future ahead spices up the experience considerably, but still, I'm willing to bet that even if you don't know a thing about The Beatles (in which case, Congratulations on your first day back from cryo-freeze!) or don't find the band interesting, you will still think "What a relatable and captivating story" after watching this. Made me cry a ton too. OK, so I cry at many movies, but this was the biggest cry-fest since Toy Story 3.

In fact the quote at the beginning of this post came right on the heels of a big upheaval in the movie, where a couple of the characters teared up as well (with me leaking silently in the audience). Johnson ordered everybody to "stop f**king crying", which was one of the most characteristic moments about this movie: laughter through tears (oooh dammit I'm sorry about the cliche!) and all such...

I will so see it again and am recommending it to you. :)

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Pimpin' Pimentel

(...not that he needs it)

I love life drawing, but whenever people ask me for tips on it (yeah, it happens, I'm as surprised as you) I'm completely useless.

That's where Dave Pimentel's latest post comes in! I know he's not talking about life drawing per se, more like posing in general, but his post pretty much covers my life drawing approach, if you were wondering. The only tip I feel confident in giving is "you gotta enjoy it!"

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Recent Things

This post has many things!!

Bored to Death is back, I'm glad. I was doubled over during the pay phone sequence.

I couldn't let the little boy on the bus go! I scribbled him an imaginary friend too.

The ruffled-looking bird is imaginary, the ibis I drew at the Aquarium.

If you absolutely have to make a bird movie, by all means, make it about owls and not penguins.
Yes, owls are pretty cool.
Are they cool enough to wield medieval weapons in battle? Yes.
Are they cool enough to withstand Zack Snyder's overuse of slo-mo (which is a parody of itself at this point and actually also much earlier)? Yes.
Are they cool enough to be subjected to both at the same time?

Check out the owl movie if you want a hearty chuckle.

Mostly done in comics club meet. The knight's not a character of mine, just another fandoodle (for "7 Soldiers of Victory" that I've mentioned somewhere along the way)


Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Finally something that isn't lifedrawing ;)

(This conclusion of a long, one-sided Q&A session between a little boy and his grandma that I happened to overhear was permanently inscribed on my mind -- to say nothing of the boy's forlorn face.)

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Blim's all right

HIIII! It's your favourite lifedrawing nerd again! Today I tried Blim lifedrawing for the first time. It's a bit out of the way from North Van so I don't intend to make it a regular thing, but I've been curious about it ever since hearing about it, so I had to give it a go. It's like telling a gourmand about a crazy new restaurant.

Doesn't seem half bad for Downtowners who don't feel like making the trip to the (easily best value for money) Cap lifedrawing club. Especially if all Blim models are as experienced as the one tonight. He knew what he was doing, all angles and rotation.
Unfortunately I'm not doing justice to him here, because I was far from my usual form. I had a long day on the town beforehand, so this time I could only handle traveling with a smallish sketchbook: I felt sort of fenced in when lifedrawing in it, and could not let loose.

One woman's pros are another woman's cons, so rather consider the following a list of things to be aware of if you're thinking of going to Blim.
  • $ 8-10 for a session of TWO (2) hours (I still find that easier to stomach than Basic Inquiry's fees!)
  • You'll be drawing at tables
  • Blim is a store, so there may be customers running in and out; the drawing space is at the back of the store though, and I found the foot traffic surprisingly easy to shut out even without my headphones
  • The poses were 10-20 minutes, but the model was extremely open to suggestions from the "audience" so gesture sessions probably wouldn't be out of the question (though I felt too much the "new kid" to pipe up this time).
  • Blim offers lifedrawing approximately once a week. Better check out their schedule at the start of every month!
  • The only thing that bugged me was the lighting. (I had to use completely imaginary light sources in most of my drawings -- not my forte!) It was just regular store lighting, could have used some clear spotlights (or is it stagelights...? Anyway, you know what I mean). Again, I was a little too shy to mention it to them this time. Besides, Blim was a positive surprise overall, so I didn't mind too much.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Were you ever sponsored?

By the way, I was incredibly happy with SPARK, as expected! Saturday in particular. I'm grateful to all the presenters for sweet inspiration.
* * *
I just want to make an inquiry, in case any other international students have figured out how to work this situation.
The facts: I have a work permit, a diploma, and I work full time and pay taxes in Canada (though said job is mostly unrelated to my education). But I am not a permanent resident.
That it might actually be more expensive for creative employers to hire me due to my lack of permanent residency is something I didn't realise until recently, because in my current retail job the brass doesn't have any extra expenses from employing me.

So I set about trying to obtain a permanent residency as soon as I can. There is one studio (that I know of - might be more?) that would actually be willing to sponsor its international workers for a BC "Provincial Nominee Program": basically you'd get a speedy treatment by promising to work in BC.
I was wondering -- if it so happens that you are an "international" who's had experience about this Nominee thing or sponsoring in general, I would really appreciate it if you let me know how you like(d) it. I'd appreciate even a brief answer! Thanks and good luck to you all :D

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Spaaaaarrrrrk again & "Well-meaning maniacs"

...So, back in August I did cave in and buy an advance pass to SPARK 2010, but then they suddenly had to toss their whole schedule (no worries, they refunded me). The final schedule was confirmed barely a week ago, and this year, for once, I had the money and the time to register for every bit of it that I want! And you, hurry up and get your tickets. They have good stuff again, so SEE YOU AT SPAAAAARRKK absolutefully!!!

* * *

*sigh* What, fanart again... Whatever.

A fandoodle for Terry Moore's excellent comic Echo. These three scenes are from the most recent trade paperback, "Collider".

Echo is Moore's flirtation with the superhero genre, but in an incredibly... MOORE manner. I can't even begin to describe right now what it's all about -- or I'll run at the mouth about it until people start chucking things at me. But I would recommend it. Rest assured it has all the grounded relationships, subtle humour and inspired draftsmanship of Moore's other works, peppered with a whole bunch of gripping action scenes and even gore.
I follow the comic only in paperbacks, NOT single issues, so please please no spoilers I BEG YOU!!

For some reason I felt these scenes made an interesting trio/summary/"poster" for the latest trade. I didn't redraw panels but posed it from scratch instead, recreating the scenes from memory.
The sketchiness is pretty much intentional, however I will probably make the first two scenes larger at some point because the linework becomes so "cross-hatchy" in an interwebs-optimised image.

Feedback welcome. Colours make you sick? Needs more contrast? Hard to read? Let me know. (Except about Dillon not looking like Dillon, that's something I've tried to fix and it still eludes me. He looks like the lovechild of Johnny Bravo and Tommy Monaghan here. Sure, I call it an improvement, but it's not exactly what I set out to do!)

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I dropped my crab puff in the hot tub

I did this as a pageview gift ("kiriban") for someone on deviantArt. It's Drake, Josh and Helen from Drake and Josh -- the Nickelodeon program to come out of Dan Schneider's warped and dirty mind before his iCarly. Needless to say I love the show.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Doodle dump

I have gotten into the habit of attending Cloudscape Comics' weekly meet. I find I don't have a terrib' much to say, but I listen to the others and doodle at the same time. Surprisingly, drawing in a group while following other people's conversation can be pretty inspiring. Here's a couple of my Wednesday scribbles.

^Some sort of teenage superhero type

^The amazing Brian and Steve from the obviously amazing The Sarah Silverman Program

^A Slings & Arrows doodle! Poor Geoffrey :]

...I draw quite a bit about TV.

Whoops almost forgot this preliminary marker sketch for a "7 Soldiers of Victory" fanart idea. When will I actually bring it to completion... is another matter entirely. v

Lifedrawing dump

OK, these next ones are older but whatever.

Friday, August 13, 2010

AE ahoy

Let's face it, if you set out to find even one similarity between Master and Commander and iCarly, you're completely dished.

In fact the only thing they DO have in common is that neither has any business at an anime-focused convention.
But hey! Neither do I, so it's all good! Anime Evolution in Vancouver is this CONVERGENCE OF THE INEXPLICABLE. M&C and iCarly are both present in the form of my fannish BUTTONS (and some original) that you will be able to buy from the Cloudscape Comics table this weekend!

I mostly just did these because I love making buttons. I mean, I have zero audience or recognisability there but I did want to see if I could make a coupla bucks with something I enjoy. These probably won't sell hugely so even if you want to buy buttons from me after the con, you're in luck ;)

Now take a look at the little cuties, 1.25" diameter, only a dollar each and all illustrated by me.
Button bleed has been taken into consideration in the picture, so this is what's showing on the face of the buttons.

A Curious Bizzle ~ Which they say Doctor Maturin is a total beetlemaniac. Maybe if you present him with this Curious Button that you found on deck, he won't lop off your remaining arm.
iSam (turq. or pink) ~ Out of all the characters enduring the perverted, twisted, unholy and awesome adventures of a so-called kids' show, Sam seems to enjoy them the most. GO SAM.
(I've already explained my fascination with iCarly, but in case you needed another incentive -- Jane Lynch is set to appear as Sam's mom in an upcoming episode.)
Pinstripe Umbrella ~ An oldie-but-goodie original illustration.
Travel Iron ~ "I'm like a rolling stone -- that's why I have a travel iron" (An original.)
Cartoony Me ~ Well, none of my other buttons had either me or my website address on them!! Duhhh.


Thursday, July 15, 2010

Anime enough? & Spaaaaarrrrrk

Bear with me.

Yup. Anime Evolution badge illustrations. Cloudscape Comics is participating in the convention in August and I promised to help man the table for a while. Also, Cloudscapists were asked if we'd like to have our art on different convention day badges. Sure, there's no money in it, but I figured it was exposure for a minimal effort, since I had been planning a watercolour experimentation romp in any case. Now, I don't really watch anime or even play a lot of video games, because I'm a lame person in general, but if anime is in the convention name, I should at least try my hand at a somewhat anime-ish illustration.

Both of these illustrations were actually painted on one large piece of paper (see below), and with my crappy little scanner, I had to piece the final illustrations together in Photoshop.
Like I said I used this as a playground to try out certain techniques. What is missing is actual colour coordination, that would have required some more pre-planning on my part. But luckily I had tremendous newly-resqued-from-a-final-sale Winsor&Newton large pan watercolours that I had never used before, and they are pure power. I was much more "WOW LOOK AT THAT BLUE LOOK AT THAT YELLOW LOOK AT THAT BROWN" than "ngyaaaaare these colours gonna go together?" (Then, of course, my scanner ate the best colours. Oh well.) They're also beautiful to look at - smooth slabs of colour, it took a lot of mental strength not to take a bite out of them. Anyway, their magic qualities made my lack of planning much less evident. (Hmmm. If I DID eat them, would I develop magic powers too..?)

* * *

Speaking of conventions and the like, I'm really considering buying a conference pass for the 2010 SPARK animation fest. Usually (well, I mean, for as long as I've lived in Vancouver, a surprisingly short time actually) I just go to some of their movie screenings. But since SPARK attracts many like-minded people from this industry, and I've always had a blast at SPARK-related screenings, I thought this pass might be a pretty enjoyable way to go out there and at the very least observe how other people network, even if it doesn't come very naturally to me yet. The sad thing is the pass doesn't cover my favourite part of the festival: movie screenings... But since I'm probably going, let me know if you want to hook up or something. (Not like that! ...Unless you're like serious nerd candy :P ) Might be easier for me to get a few words out if there's at least one familiar face.

* * *

Oh I forgot, there's more I wanted to say! I know nobody ever looks at my blogroll, so I'd just like to bring Nathan Fowkes' and Stefan Marjoram's blogs to your special attention, they're mostly environment/layout oriented and very inspiring, especially with interest to watercolour. Fowkes is a concept artist at Dreamworks and his beautiful environment concept art is this close to actually making me want to see Shrek 4.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


^I heart croqs just as they are! But it's great exercise to finish them without the actual model in front of you. That's what I did back in April for schoolwork with this one. That croq is what's under the man DON'T YOU FIND IT FASCINATING I DO Just realised I hadn't posted the fleshed-out version yet and thought it might be of interest to someone.

^Regular lifedrawings from this week (with a different model from the previous picture, which I really hope I managed to show with the body type). Summer lifedrawing has been awesome! It's my happy place :)

Friday, July 9, 2010

Blast from Ze Past

If you want to see some of my (and my wonderful Opus colleagues') artwork check out our staff show, in the North Van Opus classroom. Starting... well, starting today, pretty much. It's only up for a couple of days.
Everything that I have there has already been posted on my blog though, because I haven't had time to draw anything new, but just in case you're interested in seeing it in all its lively vibrancy...

I found this when choosing lifedrawings for my bit of show wall and I had COMPLETELY forgotten about drawing it, but I found it pretty cool. This is for an old illustration homework assignment, subject "Crazy Old Zebra". This is what I scrawled in lifedrawing class:

...and here's the homework I actually turned in, which I also quite like:

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Back SUMMER LIFEDRAAWWWIIING! Whee! Mondays, 18:00-21:00, Cap campus, Arbutus building, room 301. (Check the lifedrawing club blog)

I had more pretty good ones than these but my scanner is so tiny, I was just too tired of compiling human body puzzles today.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Confession time

This post is going to be woooor-dy because I am drunk at the 24-hour Waves on Commercial (after a great double bill at the Rio theatre). I hate this Waves for reasons too numerous to list at the moment. But I'm too cheap to get a taxi home so I must wait till the so called "TRANSIT" system starts running again. And the wireless in this place is the slowest I have ever experienced.

My main confession, however, is that iLove iCarly. *g-daaaaasp!*
[^Above is a sketch of one of my favourite scenes from the first season: Spencer spitting out a live baby chick. Adorable! In the actual scene he was wearing boxers instead of jeans, but I felt like drawing jeans this time.]

Before you grab your pitchforks, though, you should know that I am a pretty inappropriate person. Watching things like grown men spanking each other with brooms while keeping their children locked in plastic tubes and making them watch the spanking (which btw - WARNING - I am definitely going to sketch at some point), and knowing that the show that delivers me these scenes is supposedly a kids' show, makes me very happy.
NO OTHER KIDS' SHOW PROVIDES THESE THINGS. No kid-oriented show in history is this twisted and squickly (not even the creator's previous offering, the wonderful Drake and Josh, also known as "the most heartwrenchingly gay TV show ever").

So all I'm asking is that you watch an episode before you judge me! With this amount of handcuffs, spanking, toe-flossing, swallowing of live pets, "two-foot meat sticks" and four-way "javacuzzi" sessions, I have a feeling a loooot of people I know (who are every bit as inappropriate as me) will not be able to resist the show, despite their best intentions.

* * *

...Plus, you know, obviously, Spencer (Jerry Trainor) is the Soul Brother I never had. (No offense to my actual brother -- you're awse and I love you so much.)

Monday, May 24, 2010

hehe, I liked Legion

Guys with giant wings will certainly get the urge to cheat at pull-ups every now and then.

(NOTE TO PALS: wanna work at Opus for a day? see previous post)

Bulletin ( & blab)

Sadly I have no doodle to post right now. Just wanted to tell all y'alls who've been pestering me to get you a job at Opus ;) that North Van Opus' annual inventory count is coming up and if you're interested in a day's wages and a discount coupon (I can't remember how much of a discount off the top of my head), let me know. Here's what the day entails: counting how much stuff we have in store. Here's when: Wednesday, June 30th. The store is closed during the inventory count, so you WON'T have to deal with grumpy customers ( :P ) -- not to mention, if you're applying like half of North Vancouver's youth seems to be doing right now (what's up with that??) you can try and use this opportunity to impress the management with your AWESOMENESS. ...At counting stuff. Or you can just work the one day and walk away.
You feelin' it? Contact me. (...IF I know you IRL. Anyway it seems they need quite a few people so even if you don't feel like letting me forward your info for this, you can probably go ask from the store directly.)

* * *

What did I start doing with my time after grad? I read even more than I usually do. I'm going through such a great bunch of comics and books at the moment, I can barely get any sleep from the excitement. ("SAD?" Me? What? Sad in what sense?!) Most importantly I'm trying to make sense of the handwritten pages of the unfinished 21st Aubrey/Maturin novel. In the end notes for the posthumously published manuscript, this one kook says how rewarding it is to have gone through all the trouble of deciphering O'Brian's handwriting to find out what his final pages on this dear subject held. Uhhh... If he already deciphered it, why in BLASTATION couldn't he type it down in legible text, publish that instead of this twiggy crawly insanity?! KOOK! Help your fellow fans out a little! D: I demand instant gratification.

I finally got around to watching Legion, which was a more successful scarefest than I expected. Another thing I really didn't expect: guys with giant wings = hot. Don't try to understand it. I hope this doesn't mean I'm secretly into furries.
Plus, I saw it at the Hollywood Theatre on Broadway, which I really have to start going to more often because I only went there once before and I forgot by now that it has this weird, cool old-fashioned otherworldly atmosphere going on. I felt like I was in a dream sequence about the 30's. Also, their popcorn is really good, they sell cake at the concession stand (I don't know why someone would want a slice of cake to eat in a movie theatre but it's cool) and there are these velvet curtains everywhere, even in the bathrooms.

My cat must be the only cat I know who prefers dry kibble to mmm-mmmoist canned catfood. When my mom was visiting recently, she even bought my cat some of those single-serving treaty meaty catmeals, how fancy is that, and my cat just stared and asked "WHERE'S MY KIBBLE?" (She's the only cat I know that can talk, too. :P)

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Doodle dump!

There's a little bit of eeeverything!

A frog!

A fandoodle of Young Dracula ! (I sure hope I've mentioned this show before, because iiiit roooocks)

A... thing!

And a whole bunch of quickies that I want to flesh out at some point!

Let me tell you something... DOODLES MAKE ME FEEL GOOO-OOD

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

This time, the umbrella's MAGIC

Sometimes a funny sentence (funny to me -- rarely to everyone else) gets put together in my head and I get inspired by it. This picture was also more than a little inspired by Lori (one of my amazing classmates) and a Finnish illustrator called Hannu Taina.

It was supposed to be another version of Mayor Poppins, but I gotta think of something else to call these umbrella guys that I keep seeing... I just found out somebody already named their stupid Broadway play or something "Mayor Poppins."
Pfffwh. Fine. My Mayor Poppins would have been totally better - with his twinkly moustache and fancy blue eyes :D

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Friday, April 23, 2010

Guess what - more lifedrawings


Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Croq your world

Lifedrawing today completely hit the spot amidst all my gradshow pandemonium

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Overlap and follow through, rough animation

Well, it's been a while since I've wanted to post any of my animation assignments, but this one's pretty cute. Characters are mine, in all their unoriginality - but whatever, I had to come up with something quickly.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Jack and Ianto, etc.

Jack and Ianto enjoy sharing a post with these nudes.