Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Blim's all right

HIIII! It's your favourite lifedrawing nerd again! Today I tried Blim lifedrawing for the first time. It's a bit out of the way from North Van so I don't intend to make it a regular thing, but I've been curious about it ever since hearing about it, so I had to give it a go. It's like telling a gourmand about a crazy new restaurant.

Doesn't seem half bad for Downtowners who don't feel like making the trip to the (easily best value for money) Cap lifedrawing club. Especially if all Blim models are as experienced as the one tonight. He knew what he was doing, all angles and rotation.
Unfortunately I'm not doing justice to him here, because I was far from my usual form. I had a long day on the town beforehand, so this time I could only handle traveling with a smallish sketchbook: I felt sort of fenced in when lifedrawing in it, and could not let loose.

One woman's pros are another woman's cons, so rather consider the following a list of things to be aware of if you're thinking of going to Blim.
  • $ 8-10 for a session of TWO (2) hours (I still find that easier to stomach than Basic Inquiry's fees!)
  • You'll be drawing at tables
  • Blim is a store, so there may be customers running in and out; the drawing space is at the back of the store though, and I found the foot traffic surprisingly easy to shut out even without my headphones
  • The poses were 10-20 minutes, but the model was extremely open to suggestions from the "audience" so gesture sessions probably wouldn't be out of the question (though I felt too much the "new kid" to pipe up this time).
  • Blim offers lifedrawing approximately once a week. Better check out their schedule at the start of every month!
  • The only thing that bugged me was the lighting. (I had to use completely imaginary light sources in most of my drawings -- not my forte!) It was just regular store lighting, could have used some clear spotlights (or is it stagelights...? Anyway, you know what I mean). Again, I was a little too shy to mention it to them this time. Besides, Blim was a positive surprise overall, so I didn't mind too much.


Sam said...

Oh nice! Thanks for posting this Reetta!

Courtney Garvin said...

let me know if you plan to go again and i'll join you!

kelipipo said...

Sure thing! :D