Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Recent Things

This post has many things!!

Bored to Death is back, I'm glad. I was doubled over during the pay phone sequence.

I couldn't let the little boy on the bus go! I scribbled him an imaginary friend too.

The ruffled-looking bird is imaginary, the ibis I drew at the Aquarium.

If you absolutely have to make a bird movie, by all means, make it about owls and not penguins.
Yes, owls are pretty cool.
Are they cool enough to wield medieval weapons in battle? Yes.
Are they cool enough to withstand Zack Snyder's overuse of slo-mo (which is a parody of itself at this point and actually also much earlier)? Yes.
Are they cool enough to be subjected to both at the same time?

Check out the owl movie if you want a hearty chuckle.

Mostly done in comics club meet. The knight's not a character of mine, just another fandoodle (for "7 Soldiers of Victory" that I've mentioned somewhere along the way)

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