Monday, September 28, 2009

First animation assignments of 2nd year

Back in school! In the first animation assignment we did this year, we had to use Pink Panther, standing on a seesaw, picking up a boulder, attempting to catapult himself using the boulder, aaaaand then "something funny happens." The second assignment was to do a pose test using a line reading (and character, obv.) from Disney's Robin Hood. More wanky notes to follow after both videos...

(^Contains dialogue)



I made a ridiculous foot placement mistake during clean up -- well, not clean up exactly, I should say tiedown. But I'm on to different assignments and it would take a lot to get me to clean any more of this up. For one thing, when I was rough animating (that's pretty much where the magic happens) I was drawing extremely loose, just racing away. Okay, volume I can get somewhat under control during the tie down stage, but this is the least loose character that I can think of off the top of my head -- especially when you're trying to stay on model. So during tiedown I was struggling to turn my "organic" (to use a polite word) drawings into these exhaustingly geometric ones.

For the second thing, I don't like Pink Panther all that much. Admittedly, when I was rough animating, I started to get into it more, because my whole "what happens"- idea emerged out of character. It wasn't about a gag for me, not really that much about being funny, but about trying to present a personality, and connecting/acting with a personality that I previously didn't find very interesting.
Most of the connection that happened at that time between Pink Panther and me was subsequently scrubbed away by the tedium of the tiedown.

Anyways, that whole personality thing was my revelation du jour. My way has never been the story way or the surprise way, unfortunately; I'm a terrible writer. My way is the character study way. For now at least -- who knows, anything can change.

And while this isn't saying much, I've never been more "in control" of my animating, and the bit about stuff "sinking in" during Summer vacation would appear to be true.

I'm not very familiar with the character, didn't actually make an effort to match the model sheet, but I tried to let the emotion in the line reading determine the poses. That almost succeeded in the last expression, because to my ears Robin sounded annoyed by the fact that it just wasn't "done that way" and hoped that it would actually be that easy... But now, by explaining it, I obviously admit defeat in trying to make the viewer understand it without the aid of such a disclaimer. Result is meh but I had a BLAST especially during thumbnailing -- this, in all its suckidity, is a page that I doodled while I was listening to the line reading over and over again:

No other notes about the pose test itself (shock ;), but this was a mini-assignment designed to be completed and group-watched by the end of the class, which was all cool and fascinating.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Meatball movie fanart

I saw Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs yesterday, and I was -- to keep this short -- COMPLETELY BLOWN AWAY by it.
So I TVPoodled this and abused multiple different TVPaint brushes in the process.

Here's a text-free version 'cause everything's always better without text.

(By the way I'm back in school yay!)