Friday, June 6, 2008

(No pictures in this post)

In case someone is actually wondering, I haven't forgotten about this blog -- and being an aspiring artist I know there's no excuse for not drawing, but my lame excuse for an excuse is that I've been accepted to an animation program abroad (Canada, specifically), and I have a ton of bureaucratic hurdles to jump before I'm ready to migrate there (from Finland, yeah).
I'm ecstatic about becoming an actual animation student this autumn, but it also means that a lot of tiny annoying things require my attention Right Now.
I'll try to stop lazing around with the sketching, though. ...Perhaps this would help me?

OH! AND I've also started a very non-impressive journal comic. Again, this link appears only in the case that someone's wondering if I ever, ever, draw anything anything anything at all (you have to chant that for the link to appear, in fact). Not that I need to prove myself to strangers AAARGH .....Do I?

I may be a one-trick pony but hey, how many other ponies CAN draw from life?

Yet another one.