Friday, June 6, 2008

(No pictures in this post)

In case someone is actually wondering, I haven't forgotten about this blog -- and being an aspiring artist I know there's no excuse for not drawing, but my lame excuse for an excuse is that I've been accepted to an animation program abroad (Canada, specifically), and I have a ton of bureaucratic hurdles to jump before I'm ready to migrate there (from Finland, yeah).
I'm ecstatic about becoming an actual animation student this autumn, but it also means that a lot of tiny annoying things require my attention Right Now.
I'll try to stop lazing around with the sketching, though. ...Perhaps this would help me?

OH! AND I've also started a very non-impressive journal comic. Again, this link appears only in the case that someone's wondering if I ever, ever, draw anything anything anything at all (you have to chant that for the link to appear, in fact). Not that I need to prove myself to strangers AAARGH .....Do I?


Peach said...

Your work is great! I can't wait to meet you in class. You've got an awesome personality and your style is adorable. Great comic!

Amanda said...

Holy shit, your stuff is awesome.

(BTW, this is Amanda from the second year class. Looking forward to meeting you!)

Amanda said...

Also, do you have email? Mine is nightflower dot wong at gmail dot com.

Eiki Iwamura (Young Hee Huh) said...

Hi, Reetta :) Thank u for your comment!
I'm glad u praised my artworks coz u are already the great artist!
Your cartoon is lovable and sweet!
Actually I've learned more realistic way of drawing but, I've just learned cartoony stuff, and can't still draw it well. I gotta train myself for more rough and looser drawing to make it simple like cartoon...