Sunday, August 10, 2008

Reepicheep at sea

For the record I really like the movie take on Reepicheep. Coulda done without the addition of the supposedly funny one-liners in battle, but hey. He wasn't overly cute, and ahhh the animation. And although Eddie Izzard is not "Officially The Only Person Imaginable For This Part" he is great. Izzard does this sweet soft little thing with his voice in the role, where it sounds almost out-of-breath...? I could buy that it was coming from a small animal (without it having to be all high and squeaky. It would have been awful if they'd given Reepicheep an "Alvin and the Chipmunks" -voice!). Pleasant surprise.
But, even so, I tried not to let movie-Reep influence this drawing too much, because obviously I've had a "reader's image" of him since before the movie and I still haven't really succeeded in putting it to paper. ...Yeeah, um, this isn't it yet, either :B I just wanted to have a fun wax crayon time.

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Peach said...

The Narnia books are awesome. I totally agree with you--the reepacheep in the movies is awesome but not what I imagined. In retrospect, I just remember imagining Warwick Davis (I saw the sub-par BBC movies before I read the book and it just stuck).
All the same, nice Reepacheep.