Friday, September 12, 2008

Life drawing club on Wednesday

In case this hasn't come up yet: I enjoy life drawing very much.

There's a life drawing club for animators (though I guess anyone else who wants to can attend too) at my new school Capilano, sessions twice a week (plus obviously our weekly life drawing class). I will try to be there "AOAP" unless I have tough assignments I need to work on instead.

Well, at Wednesday morning's LDC there'd been some mix-up and the model didn't show. Sucks to be me, right? No, being me rocks, because the second-year animation students did the posing instead. I was too shy to pose for now, but kudos to those who stepped up.

It was fun to draw clothed people who were also staying still for once. drawing fabric contours is problematic for me, but I just considered this like a first step of that ladder. Plus, I was feeling GREAT. I don't know if it was because of my materials or what, but I haven't had a flow like that all summer. Because I had a good time, I really like my sketches from that day by association, and I'm now going to post most of them. Photographed instead of scanned, sorry about the picture quality.
The makeshift models needn't worry that anyone could recognise them looking at these faceless muppets; so, I hope they don't mind!