Thursday, October 7, 2010

Pimpin' Pimentel

(...not that he needs it)

I love life drawing, but whenever people ask me for tips on it (yeah, it happens, I'm as surprised as you) I'm completely useless.

That's where Dave Pimentel's latest post comes in! I know he's not talking about life drawing per se, more like posing in general, but his post pretty much covers my life drawing approach, if you were wondering. The only tip I feel confident in giving is "you gotta enjoy it!"


graffitihead said...

:D Coincidentally, I wanted to ask you for life drawing tips because I absolutely adore the way you draw the figure, but most artists (esp. students) don't know anything coherent to say. Not that it's a bad thing - after all, how Can you describe the Magical Secret of Drawing Like A Pro? I know I couldn't! (Except maybe to quote Walt Stanchfield.)

That link, however, just about gives me all the answers I need. It's gorgeous and wise and full of cookies and heavenly light. Thank you so much for sharing it! I actually liked it so much that I went on to Facebook (gasp!) and shared it with my classmates. Hopefully they'll appreciate it just as much as we do.

Other news then - how's life treating you over there? Did you solve that sponsorship-job-thingamajig you wrote about earlier?

kelipipo said...

Yeah, it's a gem! May it reach all four corners of the Earth.
By the way, the funny thing was, I thought his "Ms Foresight" -sketch looked a lot like the pictures you draw of yourself, haha :D

Nothing new on that front, but I'm to blame because I haven't been sending my portfolio all over the place.
Actually I draw more than I have in ages, which is great, but it's my job searching that has shockingly halted.
Ehhh, I'll pick myself up in a short while, though - I'm going to be working less hours at the day job, tighten the belt and roll up the sleeves!
In the meantime, my temporary work visa still has long legs and at least I'm keeping my "drawing reflexes" sharp. Not a terrible sitch, all things considered.

How's school? I hope it's busy and awesome!

graffitihead said...

Portfolios are a pain in the behind. I wish you could just fill an online application and be done with it - life would be so much easier! (Plus I never know what to put in, because to me everything older than two weeks looks like crap.) But you'll get that job once stuff starts rolling! I'm positive of it, you're one goddamn talented person and we Finns have a good reputation as hard, diligent and loyal workers. Granted, not always the cheeriest ones, but at least damn effective. We're a bit too used to things working 9 times out of 10. :D It's a bit of a shock when some countries (like this one) have things working 6 times out of 10, and even then agonizingly slowly, haha.

Oh right, work visa - tell me a bit about that? How/when did you apply, was it expensive, what's the catch? Relevant to my interests, it is, for I want so bad to go to North America when I graduate. US or Canada, it matters not, as long as I get out of Europe. Feels like I've had enough of this cultural climate for a while. Change! I need it!

Ah, school's good! We're doing some exercises and academic studies, reading articles and writing brief summaries. In November we'll have the pitches for our individual scripts, about 4 of which will get made in groups during the remaining year.

kelipipo said...

Heh, kind of a bad choice of words, I should have said "haven't been sending emails all over". They really just want to look at your portfolio online.
Thanks! *hug* I feel pretty upbeat about my plans.

According to my limited experience here, in the workplace things do actually :P
The thing that works the least times out of 10 is obviously housing. It's like pulling teeth to get a landlord to commit anything in writing -- also, coming from Finland, you know the building standards (what they can weather etc.) in most other countries are going to be a disappointment. As a Finn, however, you are stoically philosophical about disappointment, so it all works out ;)

I was granted the temporary work visa because I went to school here :| It's probably different for new arrivals. But I'm not sure, I'll email you because it's kind of a yarn.

That "group short" stuff sounds neat, I'll be following with considerable interest!