Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Spaaaaarrrrrk again & "Well-meaning maniacs"

...So, back in August I did cave in and buy an advance pass to SPARK 2010, but then they suddenly had to toss their whole schedule (no worries, they refunded me). The final schedule was confirmed barely a week ago, and this year, for once, I had the money and the time to register for every bit of it that I want! And you, hurry up and get your tickets. They have good stuff again, so SEE YOU AT SPAAAAARRKK absolutefully!!!

* * *

*sigh* What, fanart again... Whatever.

A fandoodle for Terry Moore's excellent comic Echo. These three scenes are from the most recent trade paperback, "Collider".

Echo is Moore's flirtation with the superhero genre, but in an incredibly... MOORE manner. I can't even begin to describe right now what it's all about -- or I'll run at the mouth about it until people start chucking things at me. But I would recommend it. Rest assured it has all the grounded relationships, subtle humour and inspired draftsmanship of Moore's other works, peppered with a whole bunch of gripping action scenes and even gore.
I follow the comic only in paperbacks, NOT single issues, so please please no spoilers I BEG YOU!!

For some reason I felt these scenes made an interesting trio/summary/"poster" for the latest trade. I didn't redraw panels but posed it from scratch instead, recreating the scenes from memory.
The sketchiness is pretty much intentional, however I will probably make the first two scenes larger at some point because the linework becomes so "cross-hatchy" in an interwebs-optimised image.

Feedback welcome. Colours make you sick? Needs more contrast? Hard to read? Let me know. (Except about Dillon not looking like Dillon, that's something I've tried to fix and it still eludes me. He looks like the lovechild of Johnny Bravo and Tommy Monaghan here. Sure, I call it an improvement, but it's not exactly what I set out to do!)

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