Monday, September 13, 2010

Were you ever sponsored?

By the way, I was incredibly happy with SPARK, as expected! Saturday in particular. I'm grateful to all the presenters for sweet inspiration.
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I just want to make an inquiry, in case any other international students have figured out how to work this situation.
The facts: I have a work permit, a diploma, and I work full time and pay taxes in Canada (though said job is mostly unrelated to my education). But I am not a permanent resident.
That it might actually be more expensive for creative employers to hire me due to my lack of permanent residency is something I didn't realise until recently, because in my current retail job the brass doesn't have any extra expenses from employing me.

So I set about trying to obtain a permanent residency as soon as I can. There is one studio (that I know of - might be more?) that would actually be willing to sponsor its international workers for a BC "Provincial Nominee Program": basically you'd get a speedy treatment by promising to work in BC.
I was wondering -- if it so happens that you are an "international" who's had experience about this Nominee thing or sponsoring in general, I would really appreciate it if you let me know how you like(d) it. I'd appreciate even a brief answer! Thanks and good luck to you all :D


Anise Shaw said...

My good friend Jose, who is an international student from Honduras with a bachelor in Economics and working for a prominent marketing firm in Vancouver, applied for sponsorship when he went to apply for his masters programs. It's a fair bit of paperwork, but he was a permanent resident in only a few weeks. It's an excellent process, if you qualify for it, you should defintiely pursue.

If not for employment, then definitely for any potential future education you may want to attain. You won't have to pay international student prices.

kelipipo said...

Thanks for the comment Vanessa!
Yep, sponsoring sounds pretty ideal. Just need an employer for that...

Of course, if I was good enough studios would be fighting over who gets to sponsor me for a residency, but right now it looks like I need job experience in order to apply for perm.residency, and a perm.residency seems like the only way to get job experience -- vicious cycle ;)