Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Overlap and follow through, rough animation

Well, it's been a while since I've wanted to post any of my animation assignments, but this one's pretty cute. Characters are mine, in all their unoriginality - but whatever, I had to come up with something quickly.


graffitihead said...

Maaaaannnnnnn Reetta my dear, your animation is fantastic! Natural, fluid and cute! You BJ Crawford you.

Also, your assignments seem to be way cooler than ours. I wish I had the time to test out all kinds of cool stuff like run cycles, runs in perspective, follow through and overlap and muzzle sync and four-legged walk cycles and... crazy insane awesome stuff. D: Instead, we have had 12 classical animation assignments during these two years, 3 of which were balls and one an inbetweening exercise.

I love your school. Ours puts a bit too much stuff into the course.

kelipipo said...

Thank you :)

I have to say I love our school as well. Not able to judge any other animation school, of course - although speaking of putting too much stuff in, our program is a very packed two years! I think 98% of it is really important, though.

Although we never did do a muzzle lip sync exercise... Good idea! *files away for when there's more free time*