Friday, April 2, 2010

I love to read

Here are four illustration type of things, first of which is finished and rest I'm still working on. (Includes book-Jack and book-Stephen, holy sh*t I could go on and on about those books.)


graffitihead said...

DFagVFz:zdrgt you Stephen and Jack <3

I am bloody mesmerized by the folds of Jack's shirt, and Stephen's expression examining the FrankenHand is Precious with a capital P.

But why can you draw clothes so weelll! What is your secret? Oatmeal? Exercise with 5 kg weights strapped on your forearms? Rabid badges?

kelipipo said...

That's easy - MILK! Lots and lots of milk, morning, noon and night!

Oh BLUSH! Oumaiguudness... First of all, it means a lot to me that you like how the "portraits" of the characters that are among my greatest fictional friends turned out. It makes me completely giddy!

Clothes are tough for me but I don't want to turn this into one of those " Noooo I suck oh I can't do anything!#! " emo comments, because I did put a ton of work into making this NOT SUCK.
I looked at the folds of my own clothes in similar poses, afterwards simplifying them to a "core fold." I'm a stick-in-de-mud and wanted the sense of how the folds moved over a body, instead of using reference photos. :| It was boring and thank goo it's over.
If I had any secret it would be anatomy - it's what I know and trust, and I just want my clothes to work with that.

But milk is still very important!

graffitihead said...

I give credit where it's due! Although I have to admit, to my embarrassment, that I haven't read the original books, just watched the movie (to bits) - and being somewhat of a bibliophile, it counts as a case that must be heavily tutted upon. In any case, I don't think they're good portraits of Paul Bettany and Russel Crowe, I think they're good portraits of the characters themselves!

Yep, I'm very particular about this crap. That's how big I am into fictional characters. ( may shout "geek" now, my audience - both of you, and if that one's still awake.)

Ah - "core fold" sounds interesting, do tell more? I've found myself that clothing is actually harder to make look convincing than the actual anatomy itself. Must be because we never get to practice that in college, we don't have any costume life drawing sessions or anything similar, so apparently they just assume that it... I don't know, comes to us as we go or something. It doesn't, I've found, and therefore I need to research this to bits. Walt Stanchfield's book, I remember, has some nice basic advice in it that I've tried to put to use, but I still struggle with any kind of clothes that aren't baggy or form-fitting - i.e. all the regular ones, haha. The sense of the cloth actually moving over the body as a mass of its own would pretty much be exactly what I'm after. Thank heavens you confirmed my suspicion; I don't just suck incurably, it Is difficult. :D

Milk? But... but I'm lactose intolerant! D:

kelipipo said...

Clothes are horrid. In my opinion definitely tougher to get right than human anatomy. A core fold is just a fancy name, that I basically made up, for a "corner" where two planes of the cloth meet and one is going under the other, without going into details of the smaller folds... Paaahh I don't know how to explain it :(

And I need to work and work on clothes, and I really need to get the Stanchfield books already!

Yeah, even though Crowe and Bettany were AWESOME in the movie, I was trying to go more for the book feel of the characters.

The contrast between the two character's descriptions in the books is hilarious AND endearing. It's weird that I can find both Jack's good will and trust in the best in people, and also Stephen's profound mistrust and introversion equally relate-able. They are amazingly crafted. Opposites and seamlessly complementary.

If you do get around to reading the books, you'll soon find yourself addicted. Don't do it if you're busy. The movie was what got me hooked first, too, and turns out it's in a league of its own as a book adaptation - not in the perfect literal sense but in the sense that if you like either one you're bound to like the other! VERY MUCH LIKE STEPHEN AND JACK :D CRAFTY EH?


graffitihead said...

Yeah, haha, sorry about that, I've noticed I tend to tl;dr a bit whenever commenting. That's why I rarely answer any emails or DA comments. (, really, that's actually the reason. I'd be doing nothing but answering comments all day if I gave myself that permission.)

I agree with that! Clothes are sneaky, because they work in strange ways and never the same twice. Also, because I can't figure them out, and anatomy I sort of maybe can. Well, I guess it Is down to plain practice then.

I've got that Stanchfield as a pdf if you want me to email it to you? It's quite beautiful and I prefer digital books because I'm usually always on the move and don't want to carry lots of stuff to airplanes.

Aaagh holy crap, I KNEW they'd be addictive little buggers! :D That's why I've been putting off starting any new books, because I Know I'll be hooked and bye-bye goes school work and social life then. And unlike doodling for myself, it's not really helping my future profession, either. Because I'm not a writer. I wish I was, though, I could impress the ladies and look cool sitting in cafés poor as a church mouse, writing on napkins! Or... something.

VERY CRAFTY, GOOD SIR. :D Yeah, definitely need to pick up those books at some point. Sounds like such a gorgeous, functional pair right there (sexual pun/innuendo rather unintended).

kelipipo said...

No worries, I was referring to my own long comment with that Whoa! :P

I do prefer my books archaically on paper, but I would be very grateful for a pdf copy because I'm so skint :) (My email's in my profile...)

You could impress the ladyfolk doodling on napkins!

Yeah, darn that O'Brian - I seriously could blather for hours about the series. For now I'll say that whether viewed platonically or romantically, Jack and Stephen are a match made in book heaven.