Monday, March 29, 2010

How To Train Your Dragon Widget

Yeah I totally jumped on the BANDDRAGON! Aaahaahaa... Grabbed the widget from Terra's blog (dappled studios) :D
Hatched! My dragon is now called DAFFY NIGHTMARE.

Oh but anyway I saw this movie on Friday and I was very surprised to be that visually stimulated, entertained, and just basically to NOT have to sit through a crappy Burger King toy advert.
Again, it's not Meatballs but it's still easily the best Dreamworks digitally animated movie. (When am I going to stop bringing up Meatballs?!)

The story is extremely simple but at least it made sense - not something like "if you start out as a total loser but you get your ass kicked long and hard enough, you become a kung fu champion." It's just a kid trying to get acceptance, realising that he can't agree to the things he has to do for that acceptance, and it is up to him to do what he believes right - whatever the downside.
On top of it others end up seeing things his way, which is more of a stretch (I would have been pretty happy with the first part of that as a movie plot) but smooth, not grating, and hell who wouldn't want what those lucky, lucky SOB's get for their "happily ever after"?! I have nothing against a good dose of wish-fulfillment in my movies.

Most things on my cons-list are quite inconsequential, and I'm so shocked to have liked this movie this much that I'll let them slide. Except Baruchel's voice acting. I can't really call that inconsequential. It could have been a lot better, but in "serious acting" sequences - in a pivotal argument with his father, threatening situations and so forth - he was great and I totally felt his panic. Everything else was so flat I could have sworn it was a KaurismÀki film :P

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