Monday, March 22, 2010

Return of the Space Kid & some enjoyable influences

I finally finished painting my first maquette. It's been over a frikkin year!
"Holy crud there is a giant cat outside the window!"

He's laughing at you, not with you.

For better or for worse, I stole the colour combo from Tove Jansson's Moomin picture book "Kuinkas sitten kävikään" ("The Book about Moomin, Mymble and Little My").

To phrase it diplomatically, Jansson's books have influenced me in artistic, literary and the-devil-knows-what-other ways since ...always. "KSK" had an electrifying color scheme, in which the combination of purple, orange and black played a major part. And which I've often shamelessly copied since then.

That reminds me of another artist without a blog or site to speak of who inspired me as a child: Jean-Jacques Sempé. He's mostly known for his few-worded comics, his work for the New Yorker, and (my particular inspiration) his illustrations for the "Little Nicolas" -books written by another hero of mine, René Goscinny.
Goscinny, for his part, was the writer of the comics "Asterix" (original artist: Uderzo) and "Lucky Luke" (original artist: Morris), two other MASSIVE influences on me.

Did you miss out on childhood? Or did your childhood suck? Good news: it's never too late to get one. A GREAT one.

Don't let the lack of an internet presence discourage you from checking out these people's work if you have a little time to spare for book-searching. Especially if you like good children's books.


graffitihead said...

Goscinny, Uderzo and Morris YEEESSSSSSS. I'm secretly SUCH a whore for franco-belgian comics!

Another amazing fella of the same league would be Franquin. And, of course, Hergé. I recently got a hold of Franquin's Black Ideas as a scanlation - fbgsnbggfn genius. Although, the Tome-Janry duo also did a fantastic job on the Adventures of Spirou & Fantasio.

kelipipo said...

I haven't heard of Franquin before, have to check it out :D Spirou & Fantasio and Tintin just didn't hit me quite as hard -although I freely admit the Tintin cast of characters is great and loveable, and Haddock is so role model material.
I used to love "Niilo Pielinen" (can't remember original name, only the Finnish translation!) but can't remember who draws it, I have a feeling it might have been Janry...

The way human characters are drawn in ...Belgian (...for brevity's sake) comics is hilarious and impressive to me, and something I strive for. The poses and expressions in Asterix say so much, you can pretty much see them move before your eyes. Not to mention Uderzo's dashing, confident line! You of course know this already, but I can rarely overlook an opportunity to marvel at it :P

Few people in North America could ever begin to understand what a totally different mindset Europeans have regarding concepts like "comics" and "a comic book audience".

How can a medium as potent as comics be dominated, seriously DOMINATED within one entire CONTINENT, by the major genre of superhero comics?! I know there are other genres here, and I know there are multiple storytelling styles within superhero comics - I even enjoy many of them! But SERIOUSLY WTF HOW COME???

Oh look I just ranted. :/

Courtney Garvin said...

awesome maquette! super cute!!

kelipipo said...

Thanks man! I forgot, I really want to see that professor-animation thing of yours as soon as school's back in :P