Thursday, March 4, 2010

Colour studies

The world deseeerrrves to see these. :P Landscapes first

* * *

This is the HELL EGG! The devil egg, if you will (hah!) Why? Because after all the work I put into getting the colours of my watercolour remake right, the scanner will not make them look the same and even adjusting in Photoshop won't help! Now it appears as if I had no idea what I was painting, even though seen in real life it looks pretty damn close. Argh:

Original photo: National Geographic, by Joel Sartore at University of Nebraska State Museum
So, we had to reproduce a photo three times: once a tonal drawing in pencil, then a monochromatic watercolour (I think the watercolour paper also had something to do with why they all scan with so darn different results) and finally a full-colour copy, once again in watercolour.

The copying was done before the landscape assignment, so I wasn't as in control of my watercolours with the egg.

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Courtney Garvin said...

all of your landscapes are brilliant. love it