Monday, March 8, 2010

That's right that's right...

I must be pretty annoying with all the fandoodles... [Edit: slapped some colour on]

A few days ago I finally managed to hunt down the movie All Over The Guy online. It's a romantic comedy about two gay men falling in love when one of them is trying his hardest not to.

AOTG is not spectacular by any means: it is a very typical romantic comedy apart from the main couple being gay. But weirdly, even most of its flaws were kind of endearing and definitely added to the amusement. (Just for one example, the other half of the couplet, Eli, is an X-Files nerd... Who can't use the internet. You really gotta see this to believe it. He's even a reporter, Chrissakes! And it's the 00's! AND ELI DOESN'T USE THE INTERNET!! When I first started peeking around the web - which I seem to remember being middle of the nineties - the first thing I ran into were X-Files nerds.)

Not to mention the nostalgia. The movie came out in 2001, when the world was suffering from a tragic Richard Ruccolo -shortage due to the fact that the once so lean, mean, and (for the nineties) surprisingly obscene "Two Guys and a Girl" had fizzled out into a misshapen "gotta-please-everybody" ending that absolutely nobody watched. Following 2GAAG the world sat up as one and took notice of Ryan Reynolds, who was every bit as funny as Ruccolo and a tad more conventionally handsome. (And good for him - everybody from that show has a special place in my heart.) Leaving Ruccolo to star in indie movies with gay themes, I guess. Anyway my point is he simply isn't in enough movies and TV, not enough at all. Which is why I was trying to find this movie for so long.

So considering the cast, I fully expected to love it and I did. It made me feel really warm and fuzzy, and no matter what any of you say, you KNOW you all like to feel warm and fuzzy. It's in that wonderful group of movies just like In The Bleak Midwinter and Mixed Nuts and stuff; can't be called must-see for everyone I know, but they're personal classics to me.

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