Monday, May 24, 2010

Bulletin ( & blab)

Sadly I have no doodle to post right now. Just wanted to tell all y'alls who've been pestering me to get you a job at Opus ;) that North Van Opus' annual inventory count is coming up and if you're interested in a day's wages and a discount coupon (I can't remember how much of a discount off the top of my head), let me know. Here's what the day entails: counting how much stuff we have in store. Here's when: Wednesday, June 30th. The store is closed during the inventory count, so you WON'T have to deal with grumpy customers ( :P ) -- not to mention, if you're applying like half of North Vancouver's youth seems to be doing right now (what's up with that??) you can try and use this opportunity to impress the management with your AWESOMENESS. ...At counting stuff. Or you can just work the one day and walk away.
You feelin' it? Contact me. (...IF I know you IRL. Anyway it seems they need quite a few people so even if you don't feel like letting me forward your info for this, you can probably go ask from the store directly.)

* * *

What did I start doing with my time after grad? I read even more than I usually do. I'm going through such a great bunch of comics and books at the moment, I can barely get any sleep from the excitement. ("SAD?" Me? What? Sad in what sense?!) Most importantly I'm trying to make sense of the handwritten pages of the unfinished 21st Aubrey/Maturin novel. In the end notes for the posthumously published manuscript, this one kook says how rewarding it is to have gone through all the trouble of deciphering O'Brian's handwriting to find out what his final pages on this dear subject held. Uhhh... If he already deciphered it, why in BLASTATION couldn't he type it down in legible text, publish that instead of this twiggy crawly insanity?! KOOK! Help your fellow fans out a little! D: I demand instant gratification.

I finally got around to watching Legion, which was a more successful scarefest than I expected. Another thing I really didn't expect: guys with giant wings = hot. Don't try to understand it. I hope this doesn't mean I'm secretly into furries.
Plus, I saw it at the Hollywood Theatre on Broadway, which I really have to start going to more often because I only went there once before and I forgot by now that it has this weird, cool old-fashioned otherworldly atmosphere going on. I felt like I was in a dream sequence about the 30's. Also, their popcorn is really good, they sell cake at the concession stand (I don't know why someone would want a slice of cake to eat in a movie theatre but it's cool) and there are these velvet curtains everywhere, even in the bathrooms.

My cat must be the only cat I know who prefers dry kibble to mmm-mmmoist canned catfood. When my mom was visiting recently, she even bought my cat some of those single-serving treaty meaty catmeals, how fancy is that, and my cat just stared and asked "WHERE'S MY KIBBLE?" (She's the only cat I know that can talk, too. :P)

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