Thursday, April 16, 2009

"All right. The boss is finally having phones installed."

Here's my short film from directing class. I just added the end credits that I was set on but didn't have the time to add for class today :]
It's theoretically a spoof on Big Trouble in Little China, but actually more like an excuse for me and my hard-working classmate draftees to have fun and go crazy. I really appreciate you guys being so generous with your free time and acting in this.

Ok, not the greatest video quality but whatever...
If you're wondering what music I used (because I used too much to bother writing it all in the end credits):

The "Oriental theme" in the beginning is from a royalty free wav site,

The "gang fight" song is Mutherfuker by Beck

The "fight with Lo Pan" song is Hocus Pocus by Focus (hee!)

ALL other music is nabbed from the soundtrack of an awesome Britcom called Green Wing.

[EDIT: I got bored of all my technical difficulties trying to get the bloopers presentable, and I don't wanna trek to school again to use editing programs. Sorry, you'll just have to live with the immense disappointment....]


Brinny said...

Yesss! So freakin' awesome.

(&) said...

ooohh man!!!

This's Fucking awsome!!!Dennis is The canadian/yugoslavian version of Jason Statham, so badass!! and!!Nick is the classic funny guy is needed in any movie!!

Awsome awsome job Reetta!!

Eiki Iwamura (Young Hee Huh) said...

I love your movie! except my part!
My acting sucks!!!

kelipipo said...

Thanks, everyone!

Come on Eiki, your monster run is one of the highlights! I thought all the actors were so funny -- they still make me laugh like crazy when I watch this.

Besides, everything that's crappy about this movie is intended to be crappy ;)

Anonymous said...

"Dennis is The canadian/yugoslavian version of Jason Statham"

One day, Ebert and Roper will be saying the same thing...