Saturday, April 18, 2009

Character design package

This is our scale! Tremble before our lineup!

I'll keep trying to improve them. I know I did a loose job on these. But sometimes when you're about to fail at certain other things -- you must prioritise those certain other things.

Lead character:

Secondary (comic) character:

Not that it's in any way visible, but that secondary character was so inspired by Christopher Guest.

Love interest:

[PEOPLE CAN SKIP THIS] Hoity-toity Commentary:
The suggestion was that these characters would relate to the pan layout that we did earlier. The idea I had for now was of a socially awkward writer or a scientist, moving from a sheltered society to this somewhat seedy port town (no idea why yet...)
His possible love interest is a confident, capable lady who tends the tavern (===WITH THE RED ROOF AND THE CARTWHEELS! :D ); the secondary character is a regular of the tavern, a hot-headed sailor and some kind of con artist. Could be that the two of them set out to con the "city-boy".
Heck, it's not pitch party material but some back story is essential for my own motivation.

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