Friday, January 14, 2011

Crazy tangents!

Due to popular demand (okay, due to like two demands) I'm posting some photos from my most recent trip to snow-laden Finland. I know most of you didn't exactly sign up for trigger-happy snow photos but don't worry, there'll be some sketches in the next post!

Last year all the snow photos were from Jyväskylä -- luckily we visited Ruka ("almost" Lapland) on this trip so I don't think these will be too repetitive. Only that very first photo ^up there^ was from Jyväskylä.


graffitihead said...

Whenever I tell foreign people where I'm from, I always always always say "Oulu, Lapland". It's close enough, and it's the identity that matters - plus it just sounds cooler. :D

Beautiful photoossss yes! <3 Such a shame that we were in the same country and couldn't meet, but maybe sometime in the future. From what I heard, this year they actually had more snow in Helsinki than in Lapland. Now That's strange weather conditions for everybody!

kelipipo said...

Yeah I heard Helsinki was buried! But I only glimpsed their airport :)

The rest of the time I was being whisked to greet various relatives who haven't seen me in ages (I felt like some sort of foreign dignitary). So I wouldn't have had a lot of time to hang out on this trip anyways, even though I read that you were going to Finland... But no hard feelings, eh? It would be awesome to meet up someday!