Friday, January 14, 2011

"Because you're the only one who could change my mind!"

I tried to document my trip with sketches (as well as photos -- see previous post) but it kinda fell through...

^ And we're back to talking about TV!!! Loooove TV love it! So yeah, "White Collar" is one of my new favourite shows. (Yeah I only caught on to it over the holidays.)

Now this may seem farfetched, but I feel like I am watching a crime-tastic reincarnation of "Two Guys and a Girl", only without the girl (unfortunately Elizabeth is too nice to be The Girl).
Very similar personalities, and, Peter's name, anyone? Peter Burke, PETE N' BERG, huh? HUH? Caffrey (or Berg) the flake takes the crazy risks and yet it's always the straight guy Pete who gets the shit.

Both shows -- very funny, both sets of costars -- considerable chemistry, and both shows are insanely fun to watch with these certain kind of goggles on if you know what I mean. In case you don't, I mean CAFFREY, HOW GAY EXACTLY ARE YOU FOR THAT FED?! Never mind, you poor lump, you don't have to answer, I'll just go watch the first season finale again. I loved Pete and his Berg and I love Neal and his Pete. This is an awesome show with a lot of very tight pants *| and hilarious dialogue!

[*| Tight pants being actually the one thing sorely lacking from 2GAAG.]

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