Monday, February 9, 2009

"Vyvyan Vyvyan Vyvyan!"

"...Honestly! Any time something blows up in this house, it's always blame Vyvyan!"

It was getting all too weekly (illustrationy) in here, so I'll post some Vyv sketches to break the monotony.

Yeah, you can't believe how much exactly I love The Young Ones.

I've been watching my DVDs over and over and racking my brain over which pose I want for the maquette. Out of impatience I might settle for this one (except for the face, please ignore the face)

...Because then I can make him hold different objects in his fist -- such as the knife in the above picture, or a cricket bat, or SPG (OBVIOUSLY I'm making a tiny, orange SPG doll as well! Wouldn't be right without him!)

Like I said I'm making a caricature, not a realistic maquette, but this face was just so awesome that I had to draw it.


colleen said...

I really like your various Vyvians. Especially the portrait!

kelipipo said...

Thanks! You know Young Ones?! Cool (well, you're cool in either case :)