Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Christ Crispies!

Here's a "presentation storyboard" (I used fewer panels than I would have used in an actual storyboard - didn't have to illustrate every single action) for a fictional cereal commercial. We had to come up with a brand of cereal ourselves. I was overjoyed by the reactions I got! Thank you, classmates!

^Jesus turns water into milk


^ "Now you can get your own set of TINY TEN COMMANDMENTS--"

^ "--in any box of Christ Crispies, Corn Popes and Niblets of Knowledge!"


graffitihead said...

I cracked up at Mr. J turning water into milk, and couldn't stop laughing from there on. Damn you, woman, you make even working when sick easier. :D

kelipipo said...

I sympathise - was sick last week but end-of-term stuff was WAY TOO NUTZ to take a break from.
Now on to some welcome recovery... Enjoy the holidays!

Peach said...

Best. Storyboard. EVER.