Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Designing starting with a silhouette in today's class. Just a quick doodle, which inspired me to once again sketch some "Slings & Arrows" characters with the same approach. I'm closing in on them little by little... :)

* * *
(BB and S&A comparison)


graffitihead said...

At first glance I thought those last two images were the main cast from Black Books! But, then I looked again and read the text. Such a shame that I don't know anything about "Slings & Arrows". But, gorgeous work nonetheless - I love silhouettes! (Except maybe in Frank Miller's comics because he uses them so much it's actually brutally butchering the whole concept and it really just stops being effective after the first 15 pages. Erm. Yeah. That, and all his women are whores.)

kelipipo said...

Glad you like 'em - funny coincidence, I too have been thinking the main man in Black Books and in S&A share a lot of features (see bottom of post for picture). BB rocks! I could also launch into an S&A ad, but there are more appropriate venues. I mmmmmight have mentioned it once or twice in my wordpress blog :P

I've read only few Frank Miller comics (but again, it's one of those "collective consciousness -things" among our kind...) Mostly I just dislike him because of what he did to The Spirit!!

Haha, I need to rewatch some Black Books now...

graffitihead said...

The Spirit. Why did they let Frank Miller anywhere NEAR him.

Okay, not breaking into a rant now. It's impolite.

I'll definitely introduce myself to S&A next summer, when I have a proper internet connection again. :D Thanks for the tip! (Also, now I want to go and watch BB, too... but then I'll start craving for wine because Bernard drinks it all the time and augh, that won't do. Life is difficult!)

kelipipo said...

But wine makes it LESS DIFFICULT!

(Cool, I bet you'll enjoy it.)