Thursday, January 1, 2009

It isn't even fanart, more like a fandoodle.

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas, or holiday, and a Fun Funn New Year!

* * *

Want a friend? Tell me you like Master and Commander... (I'll shut up about it any day now, promise.) :) I know Britt does, and you trust her judgement, don't you?

I'm confined to SUCH PRIMITIVE CONDITIONS right now, therefore the awful picture quality etc. No scanner -- it's a photo; no Photoshop -- edited in MS Paint *laughing* *crying*
It's biro *happy*
(And it's not a troll, just yet. I'm all for the illustration challenge thing and will try to participate later.)

Aw, you'll always be a girly-man to me, Pullings. :P

I'm marooned in this armpit where bookplaces do not stock my drug of choice: I can't advance in the Aubrey-Maturin series. Fortunately I can re-read some of the earlier parts that I've stashed here, like Treason's Harbour. It's just as awesome as any other part of the epic, but as a bonus in the beginning it has TRASHED!Pullings. Pullings and Mowett trashed are funny. So, with their movie counterparts as models, I biro-ed them. Both acting quite uncharacteristically. The uniforms aren't accurate either, obviously. That's not the biro way.

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BrittBoss said...

Yay Master and Commander!
I think I might watch it this week...

my word verification for this post was "berapp"...kinda sounds like it would be a burp sound.