Sunday, March 22, 2009

Burlesque life drawing

...was very difficult for me. LDC had a special session. It was like reg. life drawing, but with much more clothes and random music.
The costume was pretty nice but so detailed (TONS of frills, flowers, ribbons) that with my current approach the drawings ended up looking messy. So I was sort of coming to it from the wrong direction. But these are the sketches suitable for posting.

Although towards the end of the session I at least found I was no longer murdering the model's nicely done hair -- as much. When I do clothed life drawing again maybe I should start with the shape of the clothes instead of the body?


Courtney Garvin said...

i think we should draw clothed models regularly. you're right, it involves a different approach to life drawing and i think it's just as relevent to animation as the nude model!

kelipipo said...

Indeed, though I'd like to start with easier clothes (if there was such a thing).