Sunday, March 1, 2009

WI: Caricature of classmate(s)

I'm very sad that I didn't have the time to draw every classmate right now. I can't promise I'll do it later, because you know how it goes, but I'll keep it in mind.
Yes, people in our class have character. But if you were to think it through and ask yourself which one of us IS a character -- well, the first choice is obvious.

I lack confidence (this isn't even a caricature, more like one of those Hummel figurines...), so I'll reveal that it's TIM and his "What's going on over there?"


I guess the main reason I drew Rosy today is that I like her little hat.

More commentary:
Rosy turned out better because I drew her second. So I should have just kept on drawing. Argh dammit.
I'm newly excited by this squeaky clean, almost monotonous line style and I want to experiment more with it.

* * *

Procrastination report:
My cat is trying to eat my socks with my feet still in 'em! HELP!