Monday, June 22, 2009

Lots of life. And: I would to-tal-ly watch this movie.

Enjoying myself at life drawing. I had the zen-ningest flow last week, it was just swish, swish swish.
Unshaded croqs are some of my favourite things ever, yet something that probably wouldn't end up in my portfolio, so that's the main reason I always post those here so much.

The Tonight Show with CONAN 's Twitter Tracker is really really making me want to consider actually joining Twitter, OH YEAH OH YEEAAAH! :x I'd probably just tweet about life drawing :P how tewwibly intewesting.
If Carl Hiaasen joins Twitter, somebody alert me so I can join fast as lightning. (As I'm writing this he's not on it yet. I've checked.) I'm on a huge Hiaasen-kick right now - meaning, more so than usual. Is Don Rosa on Twitter? Is Jasper Fforde? I have to do some research on this.

Yes, I would to-tal-ly watch... Milkyrie. Even just for the wigs!!

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