Wednesday, July 1, 2009

How do I reech tees keeds?!

Hey alles, come to life drawing club and bring your friends! :D Seriously, we'll even move it to 6:30 so you don't lose as much super fun Summer Sun Time -- or work, if you're lucky enough to be working. Otherwise, the summer LDC may not continue past a couple more weeks because of the money situation. Waaaah

Anyways, this week at LDC I was utterly out of the zone. Which is evident in how unfinished all my drawings from that session are. I do like ^this one though, because I managed a pretty good facial likeness.
I also indulged in some old school shading which I used to do with a pencil; here I used the conté like a pencil. I don't usually do that nowadays because it's slower, but I was all slow this week to begin with, so what the hell. Kinda nostalgic.

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