Monday, July 27, 2009

SO much!

First, to make this legit here's a doodle.
I'm reading The Wind in the Willows, for the first time (yeah I know: FOR SHAME), and naturally was compelled to commit some silly sort of Mole and Water Rat to paper. These are only first sketches and I should return to this subject.

My birthday's coming up. Few things would have been more glorious than spending it in San Diego visiting HMS Surprise, but that plan was woefully dependant on my finding a summer job. Can't afford it this summer -- I'll leave it for some school holiday!
Wondering what to do... For various reasons I'm not crazy about hosting a soirée at my place. And I can hardly invite people whose situation is no better than mine, as far as I know, to a restaurant. Who's reading this in the Vancouver area and would like to do something like a beach day or a sketchcrawl or another cheap thing this coming weekend? (...Jesus. :[ Some host.) Or a movie -- I love movies. As you can see I am easily amused and persuadable. No gifts. ...Because you would be left to pay for your own refreshments, so.....
Oh wait. Actually I am fascinated by "Altar Boyz". Could be funny. There's a performance almost every day. I hesitate to ask people to pay $38 for one, but would anybody be interested?

Of course, if I get this temp job I've applied for, I'm gonna go to work on my birthday. Not that I mind, and I would welcome a job even if it was friggin Christmas, but I just wish I heard from them soon one way or another, so I could know which days I'm free.

I know this whole post sounds like a cry for attention but I swear it truly is just social awkwardness. :]


Oh yeah, by the way, I liked Moon, and Sam Rockwell is just as excellent in it as he can be expected to be. I was much more impressed by the atmosphere than the plot, but I'd like to recommend it anyway. First and foremost for Rockwell's performance, which makes you forget 100% that he is mostly interacting with a special effect.
As soon as I read George Clooney was playing Mr. Fox in Fantastic Mr. Fox that I wrote about in the last post, I got this dreadfully unshakable image of Ocean's 11-13 with animal puppets (as avid readers know, the original book revolves around a heist).
On the one hand, like I said: DREAD. On the other, there is something undeniably fabulous about the idea. Now I think Ocean's 11-13 with animal puppets should be done -- at some point, but not at this point, not on this movie!? "Dread", I repeated with a Jerri Blank -voice.
I told myself to calm down, Wes Anderson would not do something like that. ...And then I saw this photo.

I'm hoping it only looks worrying because it's out of context. No way is Anderson sneaking in a single Ocean's reference. By the way, yes, those animals are wearing ski masks. While that is ridiculously unnecessary, at least I can't remember any Oceanites wearing ski masks -- there may yet be hope. :P

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