Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Pigloo is going to be huge: T/F?

Good news, I've got the flu! I have no idea if it's swine-y or just regular, I don't know how to tell. Whichever it is, I feel nowhere near death. = Good news. Good in the sense that it gives me a legitimate reason to slack off, so I don't feel as guilty about doing that as I usually feel.

My pitches see dem here!

For readers other than schoolmates, these were my entries to the "preliminaries" determining which six pitches our school would enter to Animation Magazine's annual Pitch Party contest. Obviously I didn't make the six, because Mr Wells' composition sucks, TLB was slapped together in about half a minute (not the idea but the drawing!) and Pigloo probably wasn't original enough (Pigloo is totally my own little bundle of joy, but let's face it cartoons are so overpiggisized even if the pig in question happens to live in an igloo) -- whatever, they have a slewwwwwww of faults besides the ones I've already mentioned -- but even in spite of that, the whole experience was positive and I definitely look forward to pitching again next year.

I wish I had something new to post. I am lazy and my brain is even more muddled than usual. I don't even have the energy to check if muddled is a real English word.

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