Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Don't jump into heartache

Here's my first layout of this semester, the house I used to live in (I moved a few of weeks ago when our "my street / my house / my room" assignment was still going on). Obviously I made some alterations for the sake of composition.

And what the heck, I'll post my Alice "acting" assignment too...

And this is a walk cycle with a panning (and loopable!) background. I don't know if it's possible to loop Vimeo vids, but you'll see it pretty well if you hit play right after the video clip ends..? You can go on forever!

Made in TVPaint and I enjoyed it ever so much! Well, I half-a**ed the character design, but you can see a heavy Janosch influence. And unintentionally Garfield.


Anonymous said...

awww dude, I LOOOOOOOOOOVE the watercolor effect with the panning background in your alien walk. I can see why Don thinks TVP will "give us an edge" over the other schools. I'm so tempted to use it for the final project now.

kelipipo said...

Thank you! I just can't seem to find the lovely brush I used for it anymore. Oh well... whenever you end up with a TVP brush you like, put it in the bin!!
Otherwise I'm very much warming to the program too.

Courtney Garvin said...

dude, make more man comics!!! i juuuuust saw the one you made months ago....niiiice

oh ya, this shit is alright i guess too :D

kelipipo said...

Thanks AND you're right, I really have to make more -- I'll try my best :]