Thursday, November 12, 2009

Remembrance Day...

...IS FOR SHOPPING. I shopped the hell out of Lush. If you love baths, you'll love Lush; no two ways about it.
Also went to the Aquarium again, been there a few times this year, so I figured I should just give in and get a membership.
I'd forgotten my favourite sketchbook at school and had to use a tiny one, so I drew less than usual. But it does make my visit seem nicely... "sketch journal-ly".

Tiger salamander had a funny face:

^This little guy looked super evil and super cute at the same time.

^The fish is outraged.


^CAIMANS still my aquarium favourites!

^And the visit concluded with a happy chubby fish.
(Next post: a bangload of lifedrawing.)


Chelsea said...

HEE HEEE awww, that last one.


kelipipo said...

Heck yeeeaah!

amir said...

cool stuff yo, Tiger salamander is my new favorite salamander .

kelipipo said...

Thanks Amir :) The aquarium is a surprisingly cool drawing place.