Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Ma première maquette

Well, why not? Maquette's French. I can also say Super Sculpey in French: "Sculpey Super."
...That's probably not true.

I took my sunny time with our first sculpting assignment. I was going to post it when it was finished, ie. painted -- but considering my pace so far that might take weeks, and I can't possibly make my adoring fans (read: RELATIVES) wait that long.

I like sculpering. When you get to the carving and poking stage of it, it's exactly like knitting, by which I mean it's super relaxing and perfect for a little tinkering on the side while you're watching TV etc.
It was so soothing and addictive that I'm planning to start another maquette after this. And I have a ridiculously ambitious idea for it. I'm not really a figurine person, but there's one show I've always wanted that stuff of, and that is The Young Ones. Since, devastatingly, no official TYO figurines exist, why couldn't I at least try making some for my own amusement?

Meanwhile, here's... um, "space kid", only waiting to be baked and painted:


One of the numerous things I learned was that carving/sculpting open mouths is actually A BREEZE! I was so intimidated by that before I started, but literally all it took was thinking through the parts of the mouth a little, before you grab the sculpting tool. "See Tim, that's the difference between you and I. Organisation. Careful thinking. Forward planning." (HELLO I just referenced Spaced in the same post I mentioned The Young Ones! On a roll today, boy!)


Eiki Iwamura (Young Hee Huh) said...

This is so sweet! This is shaped exactly like your model sheet!

kelipipo said...

Thank you very much :)

Peach said...

Great job, Reetta! You did an amazing mouth!

kelipipo said...

Merci! All about thee leettle grey cells, 'astings! :{D