Thursday, November 27, 2008

I had an idea!

'Twas the night before design class where we were supposed to have a main character we would use in the semester's final design assignment... Preferably something that steered away from our usual fare. I was at my wits' end, so much so that I started doing random squiggles with a pencil and trying to see shapes in them. One of them looked like an old guy's face, and suddenly it seemed like the whole character had been waiting in my mind somehow for me to see that squiggle. There's your exciting artist's commentary!
(I'll fix some foreshortening things in the final clean-up.)

And now I'm really fond of him! He's not like the characters I'm used to drawing, and his face is more detailed too -- and both things add to the fascination that helps keep this assignment cooking amongst all the other end-of-semester stuff and Christmas break arrangements I've got on my plate.

Below is the face I first drew on top of the doodle. For the character design I sort of simplified it so I'd be able to keep it consistent.
Okay, so outwardly it's a liiiittle like someone I know, but maybe it should be taken as a compliment. Some of the best character designs are based on real people, they say ;)


(&) said...

Great character Reetta!

Strong personality and great poses!

Nice job!

kelipipo said...

Thanks very much! :)